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How to combat depression with Yoga and Meditation

Whether it’s one’s hectic lifestyle, nagging wife or unfruitful teen love, at every stage we’re thrown into a bush of thorns. This unpleasant journey leads to anxiety and depression, with yoga one effective way to cure it.

How to combat depression with yoga at home?

  • Regular practice of yoga asanas can help you stay calm thus putting a stop to unwanted thoughts that trigger anxiety and depression.
  • As performing these tedious yoga asanas requires patience and dedication, it automatically increases your strength to day to day challenges with minimal discomfort.
  • Certain asanas like Kapal Bharti Pranayama and Bhramari Pranayama focus on inhaling good vibes and exhaling the negativity. Every time a panic attack strikes in the middle of the day, remember to just breathe!
  • Adrenalin rush associated to fast heartbeats, tensed muscles and profuse sweating eventually leads to anxiety as both body and mind are unsure of the action to be executed and thus behave haphazardly. Meditation is something one can opt for when needed to put the horses in the head at ease!
  • Yoga postures boost production of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is a mood-lifting hormone that has the power to transform a dull day to a brightened one. So basically, Yoga= Good mood!
  • The ancient yoga philosophy imbibed into victims tutors preaches about Yamas and niyamas (simple principles of life). People who fused these principles with daily life showed drastic improvement in their condition. For example, Santosha principle talks about the value of contentment. It highlights how staying clear from excess greediness can succor you to avert from depression.

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If you are already suffering from depression or are on the verge of it, you might not have the motivation and urge to leave your bed or room to join yoga classes. Certified yoga tutors from Healers at Home acknowledge and understand this indispensable stage. This is why we render yoga services at home so that you can recuperate and restore your robustness at the snug of your house. Our tutors offering yoga at home, depending on the sufferer‘s condition, concoct a personalized program comprising of innumerable strategies and types of yoga that are bound to reap mystical results!

Still stressed? For every time you feel anxious about something, just try to close your eyes and chant “Om” and see the expeditious difference it creates!

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