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How to Choose a Skilled Nursing Facility for Young Adults with Disabilities?


Young adults having a mental illness, physical limitation, substance abuse or mental deficiency may have home attendant necessity depending on their state of disparity. They can get home attendant service like older adults or can get services from residential treatment centers, youth nursing homes and group homes run by government social services agencies or by privately owned organizations.

You can choose a nursing facility for them by moving them to an institution or can appoint a skilled nurse depending on their necessity. If you choose home attendant service, your child can stay at home to have a familiar lifestyle.

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It is necessary to do a thorough research before choosing a home attendant service because every young adult has different needs at the time of care and in the future after treatment.

Mental illness

Mentally ill young adults usually need the care of active participation in treatment plans. The choices of care and decisions are determined by the parents of the patient and their healthcare provider depending on the severity of mental illness. A skilled nurse is able to provide effective treatment, service, and support to the patient.

When a young adult with mental illness gets proper nursing, whether at home or any nursing home he will have a feeling of rightness. and parents can arrange an outing with the attendant for the enjoyment and change.

Things to consider

When the family members fail to take good care of the young adult with disabilities they search a skilled nurse for proper handling. Always consult a healthcare advisor before choosing an attendant.


Always go for the service of a skilled nurse who develops self-esteem, builds skills, manages symptoms, develops relationships and improve skills. They also serve in giving therapeutic treatments for the recovery and improvement of the patient.

Substance abuse

Chemically dependent Young adults require treatments according to their development and gender needs. Researchers show that the brain of the young adults develops till near the age 25. During this time period, they need more supervision and observation and most of the time it has been found delayed development when they chemically dependent.

If they get care by skilled nurses, their recovery becomes faster. Young adults who take alcohols and drugs, their treatments are different. Therefore chose a home attendant service who can give care 24 hours a day or in severe cases from 8 weeks to one year or till recovery.

You also search whether they are providing counseling, life skills training and help to access community resources in preparation for independent living.

Living arrangements

In case of youth nursing homes and group homes for disables, find whether they give healthy living with cleaned rooms, laundry services etc. Sometimes services are designed according to the paying capacities of the patient. Some nursing facilities also provide care for them who cannot stay alone and are not ready for a nursing home. In this case, the nurses assist in bathing, dressing, housekeeping, transportation etc.

Besides the above things other necessary characteristics needed for choosing a nursing facility for a young adult with disabilities are as follows.

Is the facility providing a clean and hygienic living?

Are the kitchen, laundry, bathroom, and dining room well prepared and cleaned?

Do the residents look groomed properly?

Do the employees behave politely?

How does the administration look after the disable people with health issues?

What type of training have the nursing staffs received?

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