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How To Care For Infants

Women survive through 9 months of moody and trouble-some yet excited pregnancy stage. Women feel that when the baby is delivered the difficult stage is over but it does not end at that moment because the most strenuous part is taking care of the infant. Right from selecting which baby food to rightly balancing the arrival of the new member in your personal life, everything gets hap hazard if not planned well. What if we say we have a comprehensive guide to strike the poise and take care of the baby like a pro?

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How to care for infants?

Early infant care and etiquette will define their future character, ilk and strength. Here is a to-do list so that you baby is hale and hearty:

Good hygiene:

A baby is 10 times more sensitive to infections than adults. Therefore proper hygiene habits every time you get hold of the baby is crucial. Wash your hands and enforce everyone to wash their hands before they touch the baby. Make sure the clothes that the baby sleeps on are sterilized and washed thoroughly to avert the possibility of an infection. An infant doesn’t crawl or walk and therefore does not get dirty. Though advisable, it is not mandatory to bathe an infant. But it is extremely binding to clean the private areas, chin and neck folds. A change in diaper also requires gentle cleansing of the umbilical cord until the baby is 2 months old.

Good hygiene

Sleeping habits:

Depending on the infant’s nature, he might or might not be cranky. But putting a baby to sleep is a task. If the baby doesn’t sleep, it gets difficult for a mother to shut her eyes for a while too. But be rest assured with Healers at Home, when you feel you are too tired to continue running for the baby, we are here to take care of both the mother and the infant!


Eating pattern:

Infants survive on breast milk. As and when they grow, their diet chart needs to be varied in a way that they are sufficed with all the nutrients required for healthy development of their mind and body. An expert consultation is required to draft a diet chart according to the baby’s age.


As essential it is to exhaustively pay attention to an infant, it is equally imperative to pay heed to the mother. After delivering a baby, a mother entails necessary rest for a few months to ensure this uncomplicated recovery. We at Healers at Home offer prenatal consulting and postpartum care. It provides essential baby care services at affordable services right at your doorstep! With certified experts with years of experience you can be certain that the baby and mother are in the best of hands!

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