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Health Buzz- 5 Awakening Facts About Bikram Hot Yoga


Bikram yoga is a series of 26 Hatha yoga poses devised by an Indian yoga champion, Bikram Choudhury. The ones who participate in Bikram yoga have to move through 26 postures, twice, in a room that is heated at 105 degrees Fahrenheit with 40 % humidity. Though not everyone is fancied by the idea of performing intricate yoga poses in a blazing environment, Bikram yoga is taking the physical training world by storm. Before you jump on to execution or completely evading Bikram yoga, it is essential to know about it in and out.

Fact # 1: Bikram yoga and hot yoga are two diverse types of yoga therapy. Only organizations and teachers that have trained through Bikram Yoga institutes are entitled to market it with the same name. The settings in hot yoga can be similar but not exact to Bikram yoga.

Fact # 2: The thought of extreme heat that might feel uncomfortable to many is actually beneficial in many ways. The art of practicing Bikram yoga therapy warms the muscles thus allowing an individual to perform deeper stretches. As Bikram yoga is bound to make you sweat buckets, toxins are removed faster as compared to a regular yoga class.

Fact # 3: Bikram yoga is called the epitome of yoga therapy for a reason. The yoga poses in Bikram yoga are organized in a way that the muscles are thawed and pushed in the order they should be put out. The postures being dynamic in nature specifically involve standing or sitting and then twisting. This series of organizing doubles the value of health perks on the body.

Fact # 4: Stress in today’s life is like oxygen, it persists everywhere and in everyone’s life. But yoga has turned out to a blissful escape for many. Thanks to the rigorous chain of yoga poses, the serenity quotient is doubted for Bikram yoga. But according to research at Boise State University Exercise and Sports Studies Department, participants of an 8 week Bikram yoga therapy reported lowered levels of stress. As Bikram yoga poses mentally challenge an individual, stress taking capability is automatically augmented.

Fact # 5: As heat allows an individual to press harder, there are fewer chances of injury during execution thus making Bikram yoga is suitable for amateur yoga practitioners as well.

Though Bikram yoga is reputed to be highly therapeutic, it is necessary to take care of certain factors before embracing it; a protein-rich diet, optimal level of hydration and dodging it if you are pregnant or suffer from pressure related problems, are a few of the many precautions. If you are tired of your regular workout regime, it is time to give Bikram yoga a try!


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