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Healing the World Should Be Your Aim : Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar

Jai Gurudev!

It’s Gurudev’s birthday today – 13th May.

On this auspicious day, I would like to share with all of you an experience that will remain with me for the lifetime.

I recently got an opportunity to meet Gurudev – Sri Sri Ravishankar at the Art of Living International Centre, Bangalore Ashram. He is a Padma Vibhushan awardee, a great spiritual leader and Founder of The Art of Living Foundation which aims to relieve individual stress, societal problems, and violence.

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I always had an urge to meet him as both of us share the same passion – Healing people.

I have experienced a huge positive change in myself after I started meditating almost a year back. This experience has only got better on a daily basis and it’s so positive that I want the whole human race to experience the blissfulness and be happy always.

During my interaction with him, I sought answers to my questions about life and the associated uncertainty with it, to which he replied saying – “Take strength from your past.”

“‘Today, you are standing here and have been successful in the past. There were a lot of uncertainties in the past. But you overcome those and are successful today. Just remember this and you will overcome other difficulties as well. Just keep giving your best and the divine forces will help you achieve your goal.” – said Gurudev.

I also got an opportunity to introduce Healers at Home and discuss with him about our 5 services – Yoga, Nursing and Attendant Care, Mother and Child Care and Physiotherapy. He really liked our concept and said – “So, it’s Healing at Home – Very Good Concept. Let the whole world benefit from your services.”

He further said – “Healing the World should be your aim. Anything smaller than Global Wellness should not bother you. Spread your services across the globe and heal people at home.” These words still remain with me in my head and heart and whenever we face some tough situation, these words help us realign to our vision and execute things accordingly.

Thank you, Gurudev for inspiring me. Thank you for all the learnings and the life-changing meditation – Sudarshan Kriya. Thank you for everything.

All of us @ Healers at Home wish you a Very Happy Birthday Gurudev.

We promise you that all of us will work towards your mission – spreading happiness & healing many more people across the globe.

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