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Healers At Home – Your Personal Healing Hand.

Healers at Home- At Home Healthcare and Wellness Services


Healthcare is a major worriment today because of depleting lifestyle and shrinking time span. We have assessed our deteriorating health standards but cannot do much about it.  Our lives are tagged with comfort and convenience and availing these services is time-consuming and creates a lot of fuss. Thus, worthwhile services with extensions are statutory to bring healthcare and wellness services in sync with the contemporary routine of people.

Traditional healthcare methods are evolving, so is the healthcare IT supporting it.  Underutilized in the past, therapeutic treatments like physiotherapy and Yoga are gaining momentum nowadays. Post accident treatments and symptoms of many incurables are supervised by physiotherapy.

Kshitij Garg comprehended that technology can be employed to cause expansion of these healthcare services, slashing down the time input and offering hassle-free experience to consumers and conceptualized ‘Healers At Home’.

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‘Healers At Home’ is designed to bring cost-effective sustainable healthcare services to your home via using the technological framework. Setting the stepping stone in 2014, the team has paid 2,00,000+ home visits till now; with more than 1000 experts providing services, Healers At Home has healed many smiles.

Services and extensions

Healers At Home renders a range of services to choose from, individually or in combination. They include –

  1. Physiotherapy  
  2. Yoga
  3. Nursing
  4. Attendant
  5. Mother and Child Care
  6. Corporate Yoga
  7. Elderly Care

Right from the severity assessment to the formulation of your exercise schedule, your personal expert is accountable to you at every step. Forming your support, they mitigate your ailment or injury both physically and emotionally ensuring your complete well being.

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