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Healers at Home – Your friend in need, is Health indeed!

The healthcare and wellness segment is seeing a big revolution in the country. When it comes to the number of doctors per 1000 patients and number of beds per 1000 patients, India is far behind the norm prescribed by WHO. This goes to show that there is a serious lack of resources both manpower and infrastructural in the Indian Healthcare sector in the Hospital industry which also leads to lack of dedicated attention, long turnaround time and a lot of times dissatisfied patients.

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That is where Home care services have been revolutionary in the Indian healthcare and wellness market. One of the more interesting stat in the country is that 70% of the patients in the country go to hospitals for what can be done at home. This means that potential scope of the industry is massive. There have been some fantastic new exciting companies in the field of Home healthcare and wellness and one of the more prominent ones is Healers at Home.

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Based out of Delhi, Healers at Home provides 5 services including Physiotherapy, Yoga, Nursing, Attendant Care, Elderly Care and Mother & Child Care.

Physiotherapy includes physical therapy at home in order to mitigate or eliminate any kind of physical pain in the body. Healers at Home has a large network of qualified and experienced physiotherapists that cater to the specific needs of the patients based on their ailment.

physical therapy at home

Yoga is one of the fastest growing fitness and lifestyle adoption in the country that has already taken the western world by storm. Although the art has originated in India, the 21st century saw our western counterparts really take advantage of the practice. However, with the Narendra Modi government really pushing Yoga as a practice, there has been an increased awareness among the Indian crowd and thus an increase in demand for the art. More than the push given by the government it is really the actual impact that Yoga makes on health and wellness that really engages the customer. Whether it is weight reduction, increasing flexibility, enhancing strength and resilience or just staying fit, Yoga has enormous benefits.

However, when it comes to the elderly, Yoga has its restrictions. There are plenty of poses that are quite difficult and are truly beyond the reach of certain people. However, with Home Nursing Care, Healers at Home makes sure that the elderly get the right care at home taking care of their daily necessities including medication, blood pressure check etc. Healers at Home provides 12-hours and 24-hours nursing services where the patients are looked after at home by certified professionals.

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