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Happy International Women’s Day!

Every year we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8. It is celebrated in remembrance of achievements of amazing women without considering their divisions, nationality, ethnicity, language, culture, economic or political condition throughout history and across nations. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace. It was first to come out from the labor movements at the twentieth century in North America and all over Europe.

As in early years, International Women’s Day has believed a new global dimension for women in both developed and developing countries similarly. The emerging international women’s movement has been supported by four global United Nations’ women’s conferences. It has helped in converting the memorial to bring support for women’s rights and partaking in the political and economic grounds

Every time women in all over the world are trying to improve their condition. They both individually and in groups perform better worldwide. Awareness programs are getting raised from grassroots movements to big campaigns.

Women constitute more than half of the world population and without which the existence of human civilization can never be imagined. In the life of a woman, she crosses different stages. Out of which motherhood is the most beautiful experience. In fact, for the role of a mother, a woman performs the role of a wife. In addition to that, she has the role to convert the house to a home. In this context, ‘’Healers at Home’’ is an innovative idea which helps everyone in making their lives better especially all the mothers out there with our “Mother and Childcare”. Here you will dare to perform multifarious activities for the betterment of the family. Today women are not meant for only household work. They try to work like men in every sphere. So by giving enough time to work, they may not give enough time for other works. To support them ‘’Healers at Home’’ doing a little. We give much effort here to help them in everyday life in mother and child care in which they can get postpartum support, pre and postnatal yoga training, diet control, lactation and childbirth control, vaccination, provide nurses for post-surgical care, for care of elderly people, for physiotherapy treatment we provide qualified physiotherapists etc. ‘’Healer’s at Home’’ also works in providing yoga teachers for weight loss, stress management, general fitness, corporate yoga etc.

Every woman should move from transactional to transformational by discussing various issues. Being a fountain of love, a mother can disseminate the seeds of love, compassion, and affection not only in the home but also in the workplace. But it is never an easy task for a mother to work. It is not only an issue of a sacrifice of personal comfort at home but also to deal with social tantrums and discriminations. Across the social spectrum, we have a myriad number of examples of working mothers who have excelled their male counterparts in different fields of this male-dominated society. In spite of that, still, miles to go. ‘Women should make them shelves like fillip who endeavors to empower the whole women society for the realization of gender equality. All the kudos go to the great women who inspire us to fight against the darkness of the society.

Celebrating International Women’s Day with the amazing women of Healers at Home.

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