Corporate Yoga

Fun Games & Activity That Your Team Won’t Hate

Knowing that satisfied employees honor their talents better, are motivated, become stress tamers and are able to deliver more than expected, inculcation of fun games, activity, yoga, and meditation at work place is no more a rare happening. But coming up with new ideas every now and then is not a cakewalk. So let us be your savior by laying down a list of fun games and activities that are bound to be loved by every employee:

Scrambled jigsaw:

Everybody wants to be a part of a super cool office. But what is not realized is, it is the employees that make or break the office temperament.

How to perform: Every organization is made of different departments like finance, accounting, sales, etc. Split the entire office into groups. DO NOT create teams from the same department because we are sure an individual knows the name of every person in their department but might not know how interesting the life of the guy from the tech team is! Once the teams are made, pieces of jigsaw can be given work together and build it.

Why to perform: This game is definitely entertaining but is also impeccable in aiding the employee to bond better, enhance interpersonal skills and focus.


• Balloon games:

As a kid everyone loved balloons. As everyone grows up, the love for the balloon still exists, but there is an inability to portray it.

How to perform: Bursting maximum balloons under one minute by simply keeping them on a chair and sitting on it, balloon relay etc. are few of the many balloon games that make the office chirpy in almost an instant.

Why to perform: Balloon games are an excellent ice breaker and can be used to augment the communication between the employee-managerial chains. In case a new intern has been appointed in the office, balloon games can help to make him not feel left out.


• Corporate yoga:

Believing that stress is inevitable in the workplace, introducing  yoga and meditation is giving the employee a way to get immune and deal with it.

How to perform: If you hire entities like Healers at Home, they drop in at your workplace to assess the condition of each individual to fabricate a special corporate yoga plan depending on the level of worry, bodily movement throughout the day, etc. Each session is catered at the time that is suitable for all the employees and at the commercial space itself.

Why to perform: Corporate yoga will aid the worker to feel relaxed even under highly heated scenarios. It also enriches the employees with ameliorated concentration levels. Well-determined employees indispensably perform like a star thus formulating to be a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee.


• Office treasure hunt:

One of the sassiest ways to hand over the bonuses and promotions to your employees is by organizing an office treasure hunt.

How to perform: It is like the usual treasure hunt where clues are made, and the one that cracks every hint quickly and makes it to the goal is the winner. This game will be slightly different. Office treasure hunt will have something for everyone so that no one goes home empty-handed. Get creative and shower some love on the employees who strive hard to upkeep your prestige!

Why to perform: Do we even need to explain how gifts are a synonym for happiness?


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