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Frozen Shoulder Exercises – Physiotherapy Treatment

If you face immense pain when you have to pick something from a heighted place, or throw a ball or merely move your arm then there is a high possibility that you might be suffering from frozen shoulder syndrome. Frozen shoulder also known as adhesive capsulitis is a condition where shoulder is stiff and hurts when moved. This strained shoulder can be easily dismissed with a few exercises at home.

Frozen shoulder exercise: Physiotherapy treatment:

The main motive while recovering from frozen shoulder should be to relieve pain and to restore the motion and mobility. The following exercises designed especially for frozen shoulder treatment can prove fruitful in recuperating from frozen shoulder.

Towel stretch:

Taking a towel, hold one side of the towel with one hand and bring the towel behind the back and grab the other end of the towel with the other hand. Pull the top arm upward and the other arm downwards simultaneously so that the shoulders are stretched. Repeat 10-15 times.

Towel stretch

Finger walk:

Though called finger walk, this exercise actually stretches the shoulders alleviating pain and is said to be an excellent frozen shoulder exercise. Standing straight near a wall, keep the fingertips on the wall at waist level and arms slightly bent. Now, slowly walk your fingers up the wall and lengthening the arm as upward as you can. Repeat 10-15 times

finger walk

Outward and inward rotation:

The stretching exercises should be advanced by adding resistance to them. When you perform pendulum and armpit stretch along with the above stated exercises, you might see a positive effect on the pain. Once you feel that mobility has enhanced and pain has declined add resistance to improve the results. Hold an exercise rubber band between your hands and rotate the lower part of the affected arm. Alternatively you can attach the rubber band to a knob and pull the band with the affected hand towards your body. Repeat 10-15 times

Outward and inward rotation

Phase 1 is dedicated to high-end physiotherapy frozen shoulder exercises like active, assisted and passive ROM, forward flexion and internal and external rotation of the arms. Healers at Home provide superlative treatment for frozen shoulder in the form of varied physiotherapy treatments at the comfort of your home.  Our physiotherapists excel in treatment of frozen shoulder as they adopt effective pain control measures like medications, therapeutic modalities and hot and cold therapies which are skillfully paired with frozen shoulder exercises.

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