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From FAT to FIT – Check How Sonam Kapoor Made This Possible!


Sonam Kapoor is the Bollywood’s favorite fashionista, also known for her ravishing style and unique dressing sense. She is a very promising actress and also known for her astonishingly fit body. But did you know before entering the glamorous world of Bollywood Sonam Kapoor weighed 86 kgs? So how did she get this fit and is now known for her well-toned body! Well, she gives all the credit for her weight loss to yoga. She believes in yoga for weight loss. A lot of people are not aware that yoga is not just related to meditation or the mind-body balance, but it can also be practiced for weight loss, general health, strength training or fitness.

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Sonam’s Power Yoga for Weight Loss

Sonam Kapoor used power yoga for weight loss. Since then, she has never gone a day without her session of power yoga. She performs power yoga every day in the morning for 60 minutes. Her fitness regime consists of a lot of things, but she always insists on giving yoga the prime importance. The reason being yoga helps you with a lot of things, right from improving your concentration, to creating a balance between the mind and the body. The best part of yoga is you can practice yoga at home, at a hotel, at a park or just anywhere in the world. You don’t need any sort of equipment.

Sonam gives foremost importance of her successful weight loss journey through power yoga to her yoga trainer Bharat Thakur. Having a good and qualified yoga instructor is crucial as yoga needs to be practiced with the utmost care and the right form or it can lead to injuries.

The dazzling girl stated she started doing yoga to get fit for Saawariya, her debut Bollywood movie and practiced yoga almost for 3 hours a day while following a strict diet. She has done a lot of different types of yoga, right from power yoga for weight loss to artistic yoga. Now a day she is known to be practicing a lot of aerial yoga. Aerial yoga has a lot of health benefits attached to it. It helps to reduce anxiety and depression and also known to boost protein BDNF & the hormone cortisol both known for reducing stress. Aerial yoga engages the whole body and acts as a total body workout, forcing each and every part of the body to move and stretch, resulting in redefined muscles and regenerated and strengthened joints.

Recently Sonam’s trainer stated that Sonam’s fitness regime consists of Pilates and aerial yoga and she prefers to do it under supervision. Maybe that’s the reason Sonam took her yoga instructor along with her to Cannes. She is much disciplined about her fitness regime.

Sonam is definitely an avid Yoga practitioner and she has been many times seen taking her love for yoga to Instagram on international yoga day with quotes stating “practice creates confidence and confidence empowers you”.

Yoga is definitely the right choice for anyone who has any sort of time problem or has a really busy schedule. As practicing yoga at home just for 30 minutes a day can have a big impact on your health. Sonam used yoga for weight loss! So can you. So, whatever your goal is it is always a good idea to include at least 30 minutes of yoga in your daily routine for overall physical and mental well-being.

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