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Food You Should Avoid Feeding Your Baby With


Baby care is a crucial task for any new parent. The responsibility is new and the work is never-ending. As far as a baby is concerned, every little step matters. From bathing to dressing, from nutrition to burping, every decision is important in baby care. New parents might not know about the nutritional needs of a newborn child. There are some limitations on the food for the baby because of its components. Babies have a low sugar processing capacity and can grow easily allergic to many food units.

Here is the food you should avoid for baby at priority –

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  1. For 12 months or so, spinach should not be fed to the baby. Spinach contains oxalic acid which has a higher probability to cause allergic reactions in babies
  2. Whole grain foods and substitutes are not good for the baby’s digestive system because of huge quantity of seeds in it.
  3. Never feed the baby with any low fat or fat reduced products till 2 years of age. Babies grow rapidly till this age and need a lot of cell building components and fat-free food will fail to provide them with sufficient nutrition.
  4. Nuts should not be given to infants due to the risk of inhaling and possible allergy. Nut pastes are a better form of introducing nuts. Though avoid peanuts during the first year.
  5. Tea should be strictly avoided as far as babies are concerned. Tannin, a strong drying agent, is a major component of tea and attacks the liquid reservoirs of the body. Also, it induces lesser iron absorption in the body
  6. Food for babies (cereal, porridge etc) should not have added salt and sugar. Also, fruit juices should be avoided for they can cause tooth decay and even diarrhea.
  7. Simple sugars can cause constipation, loss of appetite and even dehydration and pneumonia in babies under one year of age. Honey, for a mention, should be strictly avoided in food for babies.

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