Fitness Habits That Are Easy to Adopt

Small things in life are hardly acknowledged and the irony being these things are the ones that bring about a revolution! When it comes to fitness, every individual resorts to cumbersome health care routines and aims to fly even before crawling. Cutting a long story short, if you aspire to witness your fitness dreams come true minus the deviations, adopt by our below listed easy-peasy daily fitness habits:

1. Eat, sleep, exercise…repeat!

We are sure you must be tired of hearing the benefits of eating healthy and working out on a regular basis. Who are we kidding; it is nearly impossible to stick to an all-salubrious meal and a proper 8-hour sleep pattern especially on weekends. So, what you can do is:

  • Under no circumstance skip a well-proportioned breakfast as this will prevent you from binge eating later during the day. Do not force yourself to not eat something. As long as you are working out, occasional fast food is what you can afford to pamper yourself with.
  • Be it day or night, make sure you get 7-9 hours of sleep so that your metabolism doesn’t go for a toss.
  • Start your workout with 1 minute a day and increase with each minute. In this way, you will not feel demotivated, and at the end of the month you will be working out for 30 minutes! Once you have crossed the 30 minutes boundary, keep altering your mode of physical activity. On one day choose yoga exercises while on the other day you can pick upon functional training.

Pro tip: Do not step out for grocery shopping with a hungry stomach; you will pick up more junk!


2. Choose to walk:

Ditch the lift, say no to cars and taking our two-wheelers for the shortest distance to witness how toned your calf muscles get in a month! When a jam-packed schedule doesn’t grant you time for a workout, you make the busy schedule your workout!

3. Set reminders for drinking water:

We cannot live without our smartphones. So you can put it to good use by letting it aid you to surpass your water intake limits. Set alarms at intervals so that you gulp down 3-5 liters of water at the end of the day. Try to arrange the timings prior to your meals to yield utmost goodness.

4. Rejigger your overall attitude towards fitness:

If you keep pacifying yourself that you cannot do something because you are too weak or too diligent for it, you just won’t be able to do it. Try shaking your pessimism into assertiveness because excuses will lead you nowhere.

5. Time off:

Mental peace is vital for fitness habits to show pertinent results. If you keep pushing yourself without taking some time to unwind yourself, you might be vigorous physically but at the cost of your composure. Every day, make sure you allot some time to spend with yourself. No gadgets, just you and your serene thoughts. You can use yoga exercises, meditation, and other therapeutic health care measures to sync your inner and outer self.


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