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Looking after a dependent or an aged person is not a piece of cake. With immense responsibility, grogginess and exhaustion kicks in that leaves you with no time for yourself. We, at Healers at Home are here to take this burden off your shoulder or rather share the reliability and take utmost care of your loved ones. We believe that the most serene place to restore your health blissfully is your home because a person can be at his own comfort and ease. Why splurge excess money on frequent hospital trips when you can heal at home with your family?

Booking an appointment with Healers at Home for an attendant is as easily as asking a genie to perform a task.

  • You have two options: To log on to www.healersathome.com or call on 18002000862.
  • If you choose to log on to the website, select attendant care from the homepage and then click on get started.

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  • Next, you need to fill in your personal details like full name, phone number and email ID so that our representatives can reach you.

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  • Next, from the drop box, select the reason you need an attendant. It can vary from hygiene needs, to assistance with medication or mere companionship. As per your requirement select the appropriate option. Complete the process by entering the gender, age, location and suitable time for the service.


  • Vola! You are done, and now you can expect a call back to discuss further details about the service, attendant and payment.


  • At Healers at Home, we will evaluate your needs and select the best healer that is apt as per your suitability. These healers are professionals possessing 4+ years of relevant expertise and skills in their fields.
  • Right from drafting a comprehensive plan to periodical reviewing for the betterment of the patient and family, our specialists will do it all like a pro at pocket friendly prices!

Paying heed to an elderly or recently operated person is arduous especially when you are working or have a huge family. Healers at Home are a helping hand to your dilemmatic circumstance. Why handle agonies single-handedly, when you can have experts at your doorstep!

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