Everything you need to know about Physiotherapy

Evolution of Physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy has its roots clenched to 460 BC where physicians like Hippocrates practiced massage and hydrotherapy in ancient Greece. Pehr Henrik Ling considered as the father of Swedish Gymnastics founded the Royal Institute of Gymnastics and introduced physiotherapy formally to the world. Eventually, due to its countless perks pulling through physical conditions, physiotherapy evolved as the go-to solution for any injury.

With convenience as the sole goal, modern day physiotherapy is a fusion of expediency and convalescing.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the most efficient way of dealing with a disorder or for augmenting the overall salubriousness of any individual. Rendered by certified physiotherapists, it is a science based therapeutic process that is used to treat ailments in the following arrays:

  • Musculoskeletal

Physiotherapists analyze the culprits of musculoskeletal conditions like neck pain, back pain, muscle spasms, frozen shoulder and posture problems to eventually treat the same for enhanced mobility.

  • Neurology

Skilled physiotherapists from Healers at Home endeavor physiotherapy at home to help during and post nervous system maladies like stroke, spinal cord injuries and Parkinson’s, etc.

  • Cardiorespiratory

When it comes to cardiorespiratory diseases, experienced physiotherapists not only attempt to recuperate the situation but take pertinent measures to avert the reoccurrence of heart and lung related dilemmas like asthma, bronchitis, etc.

  • Orthopedic

Random or chronic cases of orthopedic conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can be cured using physiotherapy. Acupuncture and manual therapies come in handy for befitting rehabilitation.

  • Sports and occupational health

When a sport is bae, and you cannot manage to keep yourself at ease even when injured, physiotherapy at home is the inevitable answer. The throbbing caused by a physical mishap, sports or work injury can be reversed by physiotherapy. Physiotherapists know how to use their knacks to refurbish the damaged muscles in a jiffy.

How does Physiotherapy at home work?

  • A typical session of physiotherapy at home is where the present health condition of the patient is assessed on spheres like the range of motion, organ strength and ability. Depending on the analysis the physiotherapists will determine a goal that needs to be achieved with physiotherapy at home.
  • After a serious scrutiny, the physiotherapist prescribes a faultless cure comprising of manual therapy, exercises, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy or a combination of each that befits the goal then made.
  • After inculcation of these techniques in physiotherapy at home, your newly developed functionality is then tested to check if the results are in line with the goals.
  • Once the goal is successfully achieved, the physiotherapists guide with tips to dodge similar health disruptions in the future.

Every physiotherapist from Healers at Home is registered as a master of physiotherapy and thus is qualified to provide unsurpassed aid. Whether your aim for availing physiotherapy at home is to better the quality of life, flexibility or power in your muscles physiotherapists from Healers at Home, have got you covered with the best of personalized treatments.22853174_875887139230052_6051465118873536435_n

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