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Enlightening session on “Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset” by Kshitij Garg

Kshitij Garg  Founder of  Healers at Home and a Young India Fellow from the batch of 2011-12, was recently invited to take a session for the students of the “Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset” course.

He shared his entrepreneurial journey, the importance of staying motivated, believing in yourself and believing in what you do. His main ideology is to be pragmatic, as things do not happen on its own rather needs dedicated action on feasible solutions.

He also talked about how the Young India Fellowship and Ashoka University shaped his perception about a  lot of things which has, in turn, helped him in his entrepreneurial journey. He motivated the students to startup and startup quickly, while they’re still at Ashoka.

Founder Kshitij Garg explained Startup is something that usually doesn’t have preconceived notions instead the whole idea is new therefore results are sometimes unanticipated. Any desired results need solid actions taken at right time. Kshitij Garg also had an interactive session with the students and helped them out with their queries. He gave very practical and simple solutions rather than theoretical explanation.

The students asked several questions ranging from what inspired him to start Healers at Home to their revenue model and go-to-market strategy to which he answered that continues hard work and efforts towards the goal, & goal was to increase the reachability to the caregivers without investing much time.  Overall, the session was informative, engaging and inspiring.




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