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Elderly Care Challenges in India

We were fortunate enough to receive the love and care of our parents while growing up, but modern age parents might not have that privilege. With westernization taking India by storm, the idea of nuclear family is booming and so is the need for elder care services. Despite countless assisted living facilities and at home elder care services, the need is still not sufficed, thanks to elder care challenges. You feel perplexed just as we do? Let us lay facts down rightly for you to comprehend.

Lack of understanding:

In our country, a mass of senior citizens are neglected when it comes to their social, emotional and physical needs. Don’t believe us? As per statistics, there were 90 million senior citizens in 2011 of which 90% is still working to satiate the needs of their family or children. If the entire concept of putting the minds and bodies of senior citizens at rest is not acknowledged, it will never be executed. Both children and senior citizens should understand when to give the body what it deserves.

Priority clashes:

Paying pervasive attention to the nursing care of the elderly is so under-rated that it is not paid heed to at all, thus forming a major reason for injuries and deaths. Mostly, in the booming years of the career, every child is so busy making their own lives that they forget they have obligations that are slightly more important. What never gets accredited is that there are some doctor’s appointments that hold more weightage than a corporate meeting. Not saying that making a career is something to be guilty about, but at home, elder care services  are what you need to cover up for the absence of heed.

Lack of professional aid:

One of the main challenges faced in elder care is that the offspring is not in the same city as their parents to take care of them. So it automatically requisites a reliable source who can look into the essentials of the seniors without putting them at any kind of risk like being robbed and finding an unswerving source.

Here is what you can do:

We don’t even want to rant about how long the list can be when it comes to the glitches related to elder care because why complain when at Healers at Home, we got your back with at-home elder care services?

For every drawback pointed out, we are a one-stop solution. Our home care attendants offering nursing care for the elderly are not only certified but are aces in their forte and go through a rigorous background check to avert the possibility of a goof up. We also update you with the up-keep of your parents, look into their medical appointments and never fail to fulfill our roles as a friend, philosopher, and guide! Still having second thoughts on choosing us? Hit us up now and have a word with the experts to clear even the tiniest doubts!22894293_874852912666808_2671301856923733221_n

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