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Elder Care Assistance: A Necessity for the Sandwich Generation

Elder care assistance services work on providing the basic requirements of elderly people in India and over the world, offering assistance to elders in need. The services offered include – rescue of abandoned elders, counselling of those in distress, legal support, information related to services available etc.  Elder care assistance also involves linking elders to various institutions such as old age homes, hospitals, police, government and non-governmental organizations. Attendants for Elderly in Delhi are working in this field and have been successfully delivering service over last 4-5 years. Elder care assistance involves various aspects some of which are mentioned as below.


Versatility is essential to the elderly, regardless of whether it is simply inside their own environment. Ensure they are appropriately fitted for either a wheelchair, mechanized portability seat, walker or stick. Introduce a wheelchair incline, hand rails and more extensive entryway wells to make getting around the house bother free. Elderly care can be ensured through senior care help as they assist older folks keep up their versatility, while encompassing and dealing with their portable needs.1


Transportation can be lifesaving to an elderly individual. In the event that he can never again drive, set up transportation so he can get to and from therapeutic arrangements and non-intrusive treatment. Having an overseer who visits on certain days to take an elderly individual to run errands, to go to a social capacity or to go to the specialist is gainful.

Need of careful transportation is provided by elderly care takers and maintaining this safe transportation is one of the important aspects in elderly care assistance.2

Pharmaceuticals and medication

Senior residents require legitimate drugs to stay solid. This starts with satisfactory therapeutic care, for example, specialist’s visits, dental care, foot mind, eye mind, exercise based recuperation and mental treatment, if necessary. In the event that they require help with taking their pills, a home-wellbeing nursing framework may should be added to their day by day design of care.

Making provision of timely and important pharmaceuticals and medication is the basic necessity of the elder care assistance.3

Individual Care

Individual care is a vital day by day requirement for senior residents. They may require help with showering, dressing and individual prepping. A home-wellbeing helper or other relative can help with these errands, if important.

Individual care provision on a daily basis is an essential part of elder care assistance and more importantly it keeps check of the necessity and needs of elderly people.4


An elderly individual needs appropriate nourishment to remain solid and appreciate an agreeable life. Have a nutritionist or guardian to go over a day by day feast intended to comprehend what sustenance’s best fit the individual’s way of life. Suppers can be arranged week after week so it is less demanding for the senior native to eat a warm feast each day. Befitting Nourishment in accordance with the need of elderly people is efficiently handled by elder care assistance and care taker, which includes providing basic nourishment needs.5

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