Drinking Water during a Yoga Class? Good or Bad?

When we listen or read something that is beneficial for us, we simply resort to executing it before actually getting to know if it is good or bad for us. Drinking water during a high impact aerobics or yoga class or during gym is a trend that is spreading its wings towards yoga. If you are skeptical just like a thousand others thinking whether or not you should drink water while performing yoga for health, here is a quick sheet of specifics that will aid you to make a sane decision.

  • Cutting a long story short, if you are actually resorting to yoga for health, drinking water during yoga is not recommended. Drinking water at room temperature before your session is acceptable. Under any circumstance, do not commence your yoga class before quenching your thirst completely.
  • The reason for not drinking water is pretty obvious; the entire purpose of yoga to let you engage with your body fails. Drinking water in between sessions is a disruption to the flow of poses and breaks your concentration, hence needs to be avoided. Also, as drinking water fills the stomach, it becomes a hindrance in executing certain yoga poses. As per the authentic yoga practitioners, drinking even a sip of cold water during practice will calm the inner heat and might make you lose your enigma and energy as soon as you take it and thus is told to be sidestepped.
  • Now, there are days when you extremely feel thirsty and can do nothing about it. On such occasions, respect your needs. The body needs what it needs, and you have to suffice it. End of the day yoga is all about letting oneself free right? So if you are in a vinyasa and feel like taking a small sip from a bottle next to you, just do it without giving it much of thought. Just ensure not to make a habit of water drinking as a distraction in between your sessions. The only time you should gulp down water is when you realize that without it, you are feeling parched and are sidelined in your head. Remember, to not drink so much water that it causes bellyache.

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