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Does Running Help in Weight Loss

Any physical movement is a great way to lose weight but nothing beats running. Running is one of the best ways to lose weight. Running when paired with the right diet for weight loss can help you fit in the pants you also desired to snug in!

Here are 3 reasons how running can be the best way to lose weight:

Running functions even during rest:

Exercises with high intensity level like running stimulates and boosts more after-burn as compared to low-intensity activities. This is because your resting energy expenditure stays heightened after you run. So in a long term comparison of high and low intensity exercise, calories burned through running led to 90% more weight loss than calories burnt through any other low intensity activity.

Running functions even during restRunner’s high:

If an activity doesn’t give you happiness while performing it and you dread to move your body in the gym, trust us, it does no good. If you don’t enjoy you weight loss programs you will never stick to it. Scientists claim that running or performing any moderate to high intensity workout releases chemicals called endocannabinoids in the brain that lead to sudden rush of euphoria in the body leaving you inspired, focused and happy. So running is an automatic mood changer that pushes you towards running harder!

Runner’s high

No special skills:

Running doesn’t expect an individual to develop extraordinary talent to perform it. Running is basically the simplest and best way to lose weight. You can simply run anywhere, near your locality, in a garden or in the gym. All you need is a pair of decent sports shoes. To top up, running is literally free and holds true even when you are travelling so that you have no excuse to skip running. These factors make running effortless to perform and when less efforts are required, it is human nature to perform the task well!

Running though simple might not be effective if certain pre-requisites are not followed. Remember to never over-do it. Excess running leaves your body stressed, thus impacting those hormones that have the ability to control fat. Do not focus on going longer, focus on running faster and lastly do not make running your only cardio exercise. Keep switching and experimenting with other exercise genres to create the best weight loss program. There is a close and crucial link between exercising and diet. If you adopt a healthy diet for weight loss with running, nothing can obstruct you to get the body of your dreams!

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