Do Ronaldo or Messi Practice Yoga??

We all know the benefits of yoga. Yoga plays a vital role in everyone’s life. By practising yoga on daily basis one can improve their performance by increasing  focus, flexibility, breathing and strength. And don’t  forget that it will also help you reducing the recovery time and improving the soreness. With the FIFA World Cup round the corner, top footballers like Messi & Ronaldo resort to yoga which help them maintain  necessary calm and composure. Football players who don’t practice yoga daily end up complaining about hamstrings, quads, and shoulder pain. Therefore, yoga is very beneficial to football players of every level. Certain yoga moves are very beneficial than others especially for a footballer . These are really quick and time saving yoga exercises that can help you gain your domain in the game.

  1. Lying Opposite Arm Opposite Leg:

This movement benefits warming up of the hip sockets,  the shoulder sockets and the abs. Not only this, but it also helps in syncing the breathing pattern with the movements of the exercise. This is the most important out of the all the yoga moves as the breathing pattern of any athlete should match to the movements of his body on the field. One could try this  around 2-4 minutes.

  1. Lunge Twist:

The lunge twist technique is practiced by both Ronaldo and Messi. This exercise helps in increasing the strength in the legs while you stretch your quadriceps. To add more, it also increases the rotation in the back. This is one of the secrets of their fast and quick moves wherein they can easily twist and torque to catch a less than perfect pass. It helps them to gain a better balance, which comes in handy when landing from a leaping grab or having to have the presence of mind to land on feet in-bounds.

  1. Plank Pose Elbow to Knee Variation:

Practicing a plank helps in increasing the abdominal and hip flexor strength. But adding a elbow to knee variation will help in deepening of the abs crunch and also strengthen the wrist joint. These joints needs to be strong as many a times football players land on their wrist after an air born catch. It is essential to have a strong abdominal strength as it helps in supporting the back in all compromising positions on the field.

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