Diwali Detox:Quick ways to lose weight in less than a week

The pervasive sweet binge and zero self-control for munching on delectable snacks prepared in the house makes everyone’s heart skip a beat when they stand on the weighing machine post Diwali. If you’ve managed to put on some extra kilos, below listed are tried and tested tips to say goodbye to flab post Diwali:

1. Refresh your body:

Prevention is better than cure in most cases, but when it comes to Diwali, gorging is inevitable. So are we saying just shut your eyes, mind, and heart and when you see Diwali food preps? No! But give your body a complete break by going green post Diwali. Strike a balance is what we say.

Evacuate all aerated drinks, fried items, and guilty snacks from your diet and include only green veggies like spinach, green peppers and fruits like tomatoes, grapes, orange and apples if you want to lose weight almost instantly post-Diwali. Mostly made of water, these items keep you full while giving your body a good cleanse from the junk.

P.S: Curd is a native weight loss expert! Have a humble bowl of skimmed yogurt to let the good bacteria augment your digestive process.


2. The water therapy:

Water is a solution for almost every problem. Whether you want your skin to look good or want to lose that baby fat, water is your go-to solution. Even if you are not thirsty, keep slurping water so that you are hydrated enough to purify your systems naturally. You can also sip green tea instead of plain water to shoot your metabolism and fasten the process of losing weight after Diwali.


3. Deprived dinners:

It is advised to eat breakfast like a king and dinner like someone impoverished. This principle is compulsory if you want to lose weight at home post Diwali. Your body is just like you; it feels sluggish in the night and slows down the metabolism which in turn slows down the process of calories burning. Don’t starve yourself, eat something healthy in proportion especially at night to win against your nasty bulge.


4. Start some physical activity:

Post Diwali is ideal to hit up the gym. Include a variety of physical activities ranging from cardiovascular exercises to functional training to yield quick results. If you have no time to pop around the gym, you can opt for yoga at home. At Healers at Home, we provide yoga at home services at a time you’re comfortable, which not only helps your weight to be on the left hand side of the scale but fetch you immense peace of mind mandatory to calm the chaos post-festivity.4

5. The 8-hour uncompromised sleep:

More than beauty sleep, a fitness sleep is the succor your body needs to undo the wear and tear in the muscles as well as kick out toxins from the body while you are asleep.  Need a reason to sleep early at night ditching social media? We just gave you one!

Avoid napping at odd hours as it decelerates body’s metabolism and slackens the digestion and absorption processes in the body. Slow body processes=No weight loss.


6. At all costs say no to:

  • Drinking alcohol- Too many calories unjustified for the fun it brings.
  • Eating leftover Diwali sweets- Trust us you’ve had many!
  • Coffee and tea- If you’re addicted and cannot start your day without one; try not to drink it more than once a day.
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