Diwali 2017: Easy Yoga asanas for Glowing Skin

Everyone wants to look like a diva during festivals. The best outfits are worn, slimmer waists are boasted and a set of drool-worthy abs that can be seen even through the kurta!

But Diwali can be less of a festival and more of a hectic routine. A tight pre, during and post-Diwali schedule can leave you with dull and undernourished skin. This is not the worst part, literally no time to do anything about it is. Here is a list of easy yoga exercises at home that can get you glowing skin in almost no time.

  • Utthanasana:

All you’ve to do is raise your hands in the air while you inhale and then bend down as you exhale. Try to touch the ground while you do this. Hold this for 5-10 seconds and repeat ten times. As this forward bending asana compels a gush of blood flow to the face, it automatically leads to visible glow.


  • Bhujangasana:

Also known as cobra pose, it is highly beneficial for people suffering from acne and pimples. As you lie down on your chest, keep your hands at shoulder distance and raise your body in the air in a way that your back is straight. Hold the pose for 2-3 breaths and lower down your body like before. The pose allows excess oxygen penetration in the body, thus flushing out the toxins and keeping your skin clear for a long time.cobrapose4_635697239218626852

  • Shishuasana:

If you’ve ever seen a child, their eyes are sparkling, and their face is full of vigor. This is because they kick out tension and enjoy life like there’s no tomorrow. Shishuasana also known as the child pose works in a similar way. Kneel down in a way that your buttocks are rested on your heels. Now inhale all the positivity inside and exhale the stress as you bend down to touch the ground with your hands. Stay stagnant in this pose till you feel the serenity hitting your head and regain your original posture. Repeat 5 times or till you feel a little light in your head. Shishuasana shoots blood circulation in the head thus hailing a skin that is as bright as  diamond!11-16-1474019707

The most assertive part about these yoga poses for glowing skin is that they do not take much of your time. Less than 15 minutes of your day + radiant skin is definitely a win-win! You can team up these Yoga exercises at home with a salubrious diet and a decent sleeping pattern to get even better results. Are you too de-motivated to abide by this routine? Don’t worry our tutors have your back, hit us up now!


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