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Different Types Of Mental Disorders

Mental disability is not as worrisome as the social stigma behind it. With time, treatment for innumerable mental ailments has advanced, but society still looks down upon people suffering with them. People claim every person with a slight disorder to be mad, that mentally accentuates their condition. Below mentioned are a few types of mental disorders so that we can effectively raise awareness among people to early detect the conditions:

1.Anxiety disorder:

When a person is uneasy, fearful or angry in a not-so stressful situation, it indicates anxiety disorder. Intense panic followed with physical symptoms like sweating, high heart rate and fumbling while talking are indicators of an anxiety attack. Anxiety disorder can further be classified into:

  • Social anxiety disorder- Fear of mixing and mingling with a crowd
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder

Anxiety disorder

2.Mood disorder:

As the name suggests, mood disorder is a constant fluctuation of moods. It is generally extreme and within no time the mood of a person suffering from mood disorder can switch from extremely happy to ultra-gloomy or being ceaselessly desolated. Some common types of mood disorders are:

  • Depression: Depression patients do not find peace or satisfaction with anything. They constantly encounter revulsion and hopelessness from self and life.
  • Bipolar disorder: Bipolar disorder affects the brain in a way that it switches the mood of a person perpetually from wretched to cheery and vice versa.
  • Cyclothymic disorder: It is a milder version of bipolar disorder but symptoms are same with a lesser intensity.

Mood disorder

3.Psychotic disorders:

Psychotic disorders create an illusion of events or sounds around a person. A person undergoing a psychotic disorder will experience hallucination where he visually sees events around him that do not exist in reality. Schizophrenia is commonly prevailing psychotic disorder.

Psychotic disorders

4.Impulse control and addiction disorder:

Under this condition, people are not able to resist urges that turn out to be harmful for them or people around them.

  • Kleptomania: An impulse habit of stealing
  • Pyromania: Constant instinct of starting fire
  • Continuous alcohol and drug abuse

addiction disorder

5.Obsessive compulsive disorder(OCD):

Every person is said to have minor version of OCD. But if you or your loved ones experience over-the-board compulsion or enforcement to perform daily routines or a set of work inspite of zillion reasons to not do it, it might be bothersome. Some people who get paranoid if objects are not kept in appropriate places or not clean or when not arranged in a particular pattern are said to suffer with OCD.

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Other disorders like post-traumatic sleep disorder, personality disorders, Alzheimer’s etc. exist widely in the society. Mental disorder is nothing but instability in thoughts or behavior. Due to this a person with mental disorder is helpless but has to rely on someone to carry out his daily regime and expects some emotional support. Extend your love and take medical help for patients to recover securely.

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