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Daily 10 minutes yoga to relieve stress & keep the doctors away

We all are known to the fact that an apple a day can keep doctors away, but with the piling up stress levels, apple alone doesn’t have the power to keep the doctor away. Yoga at home is the contemporary apple that we need to have today for the upkeep of our physical and mental health. Here is an all-embracing guide that will pave the way for a healthier you:
• Set a time:
One basic reason why most of the people are unable to meet their goals is that they are not well-prepared for it. If you have decided you are adopting to corporate yoga for stress or simple yoga at home, you need to set on a time frame where you will execute it irrespective of the hurdles or time crunch that you bound to face.

• Choose your form:
Yoga asanas come in countless outlines. Depending on your goal and health condition, choose the one that fits you the best. Ideally, a few breathing exercises followed with the ones that fortify the core and the back should keep you in fine fettles.

• Take supplementary aid:
Mind and body are volatile. It sometimes takes an external push to compel yourself towards good things in life. If you hire a yoga tutor, you get three things- the posture involved in asanas will be precise, you will always be motivated, and you will have a professional aid to escort you through the vital alterations in the health journey.

How can daily yoga keep doctors away?
Yoga and meditation help your body to take one step at a time towards a happy and salubrious you. Here’s how:
• Better posture
• Prevents cartilage and joint breakdowns
• Boosted immunity
• Heightens your cheerfulness
• Supports to resort to a healthy lifestyle
• Amplified focus and thinking ability

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