Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga & Meditation classes for Stress free Life

With a majority of the population belonging to the working class, the prickly thorns of a stressed life have been experienced by each. Here is exactly where corporate yoga can succor to make your life a little laid back so that you can strike the right balance between work, home, and social obligations.

Yoga is not a prescribed medicine that you have to eat at a particular hour for treating a particular disorder. Yoga is rather a way of life that will heighten the quality of lifestyle you lead. Inculcation of yoga just demands a tiny portion of time and for the people who are driving fast paced days, time is exactly what they lack. Corporate yoga is yoga that is conducted in the office premises proving to be a boon to both employers and employees. Wondering how?

  • Time saver

If employees want to be in the pink of health, they will opt for yoga classes before or after work. If corporate yoga classes are introduced at the work place, the employees can save the otherwise ravaging travel time.

  • Enhanced efficiency

As yoga is reputed to bring composure while augmenting the concentration; it automatically molds the employees into hard working and highly competitive individuals.

  • Performance for care

When employees notice that as an organization you are taking countless efforts for their upkeep, with corporate yoga, their morale is boosted and they thrive to serve the organization in the best possible way. Now you know how to make employees work over time without much fuss!

  • Reduced absenteeism and cost effectiveness

When facilities like free corporate yoga classes are rendered to the employees, they wouldn’t prefer missing even a day at the office because come on; we are Indians. Anything that is free is utilized to the fullest! We are just kidding; corporate yoga will its inevitable benefits will keep the employees’ health in top notch condition thus averting unwanted absenteeism.

As the immunity and vigor of many employees are taken to new levels, the amount your organization would have otherwise paid for their medical expenses will be considerably reduced.

  • Concise

Corporate yoga classes do not demand huge areas to be conducted. Certified and expert yoga tutors from Healers at Home have a precise solution for every working space. Depending upon the time to be dedicated and space available, corporate yoga plans are tactfully drafted by each tutor.

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