A comprehensive guide to cure lower back pain

There is nobody in the world that has been spared by the highly dreaded back pain. Whether the reason is a weak muscle or strain, to dodge the possibility of a regular backache turn into a chronic one, it is essential to hit the hammer right when it is hot. Though yoga for back pain might work wonders for some, it might not work at all for someone else. The right cure for back pain is actually a process of trial and error and to make your overly stressed life slightly easygoing, here is a comprehensive guide to curing lower back pain:

  • Move!

Long hours of sitting and prolonged period of inactivity are one of the most common causes of back pain. The only way to curb this culprit is exercising regularly. With exercise, you lose weight, there is better flexibility, enhanced kinesis and reduction in inflammation thus in turn leading to a stronger and pain-free back.

  • Touch base with a physiotherapist:

Taking vital aid from a physiotherapist is considered to the best treatment for lower back pain. Physiotherapy when combined with other treatments like physical therapy, massage, chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy exercises, etc. are proven to cure both short-term and acute backache problems. It is also a robust shield for re-occurrence. But if you are a couch potato, (which of course you are because if you would have moved you could have dodged back pain!) if you want to heal at home, all you have to do is Google physiotherapy near me at home and voila!

  • Release endorphins:

Individuals are unaware of the fact that if a body is able to produce a massive amount of pain, it also holds the potential to fight it. Endorphins are hormones produced naturally by the body to block pain signals that register with the brain. Anxiety and stress are common yet neglected triggers for back pain which can be easily warded off if suffice endorphins are fabricated in the body. Meditation, yoga for back pain or any activity that brings you peace/joy/comfort can release the good messengers to fight the bad boys!


  • Get enough sleep:

A throbbing backache can definitely be a hampering for a peaceful sleep. Paradoxically, lack of sleep is a reason to make your already stinging back pain worse. So all we are saying is, if you are dealing with backache problems, address the ones related to sleep as well!

  • Instant relief with hot and cold therapy:

To get a power boost while healing from back pain, try your hand on hot and cold therapy. All you need to do is take a hot pack and apply on the affected area for about 20 minutes. Now swap it for a cold pack for 20 minutes. Cold therapy has two primary benefits- it condenses internal swelling and calms down the nerves that lead to spasming. Heat therapy, on the contrary, stimulates blood flow and acts as a barrier to pain messages that are sent to the brain.

Tell us which turned out to be your magic potion?



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