Can Acupuncture Help a Frozen Shoulder?


Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder isn’t as it sounds. It just refers to shoulder pain that may lead to restricted motion. For most, it is an enigmatic disease, but many others believe it to have an etiological cause that is often disregarded. So, according to doctors, the trigger points in the sub-scapular muscles are the spot of origin of a shoulder freeze. And acupuncture for frozen shoulder can eliminate these trigger points, thereby eliminating frozen shoulders and giving people an alternative to pain killers, cortisone shots and surgery.

frozen shoulders

At the Source

The sub-scapular is one of the four major muscles that make up the shoulder cuff, primary responsible for holding the humerus in place during arm movements and also support internal rotation of the head of the humerus, while preventing displacement. Trigger points are sensitive points in this musculature that cause pain in the shoulder. They produce pain concentrates behind the deltoid muscle, from where it extends over the scapula and down to the sides of the upper arm.

Early-stage trigger points, in many frozen shoulder cases, don’t prevent people from reaching up but hinder the backward movement. For instance, one may experience pain when they are getting ready to throw a ball. Another sign of early-stage sub-scapular trigger points can be wrist pain concentrated on the back of the wrist.

Common Causes of a frozen shoulder may be the following reasons, which are responsible for activating the trigger points causing pain:

  • Overdoing activities like swimming and balling, those require standard rotation of the arm.
  • Increased pressure on the shoulder muscles due to a shoulder joint tear or humerus fracture.
  • Forceful overhead lifting which requires bringing the arms and shoulders closer to your body.
  • Lying on one side of the body or having a slumped posture can also make sub-scapular trigger points activate.
  • Once a trigger point is activated, it can be exaggerated by all kinds of everyday movements.

Trigger points in the sub-scapular can be unconfined by using acupuncture needles and inserting them strategically directly into the muscle. While acupuncture for frozen shoulder can be extremely effective, having your skin needled can be uncomfortable and disturbing due to the location of the sub-scapular.

Acupuncture for frozen shoulder

There is another acupuncture technique to attend to the pain occurring from trigger points. It is done by inserting a needle at points along the acupuncture meridians that cross ways the painful part of the body. An acupuncturist might choose to needle an acupuncture point that’s away from the actual pain site, for example, on the small intestine meridian, which is farther low on the body. You can also try massaging this point yourself to reduce pain in that area.

Acupuncture for frozen shoulder has been used time and again to treat many critical problems of such intensity. Moreover, several anecdotal evidences have proved that there can be massive improvements in as little as just 2 to 4 treatments.

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