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Breaking the Norms – Rise of Home Healthcare

The Indian audience has always been more circumspect than adventurous in almost all industry sectors. Even during the revolution of e-Commerce in the electronics and the fashion industry, customers were quite weary about the credibility of such vendors who they cannot see to begin with and have to transfer their money to. However overtime the trust factor was gained and customers started to prefer convenience factor more over the actually going to the store to buy things. In due course of time when the prices of the goods were brought down compared to actual retail store, the value addition to the already convenient services was immense.

A similar revolution is on the rise in the Home Healthcare industry. Hospitals have never been able to meet the exponential growth in the demand of the patients. There are not enough beds in the hospitals to accommodate patients while the lack of dedicated and personalized attention is also lacking with one doctor being bordered by so many patients. Getting services at Home is certainly a lot more convenient especially in the Health and Wellness industry.

An injury ridden patient or ailment incurring customer would benefit more from at home services than any customer needing a fashion apparel or electronic item. And that is why the rise of Home Healthcare and Wellness industry is a massive boon for the healthcare sector of the country. With the rise of elderly in the country, home nursing services can be a massive boon. There are various benefits of Home Healthcare services that makes it a highly recommended option for all age groups.


1.Dedicated care – While you book your appointments with a doctor, the possibility of getting one on one dedicated care is low. With lack of personalized attention, the satisfaction level among both customers and patients is less whereas chances of getting to the root of the problem are also low.

2.More Freedom and Independence – When you get services in the comfort of your home, you feel more comfortable. You are free to roam around and the sense of urgency and awkwardness with other strangers around along with the smell of the hospitals is gone. These factors are further amplified in cases of re-hospitalizations.

3.Less travel time – To be required to take out your car, or worse having to take public transport and travel to the hospital on top of being ill and unable to do anything is simply unbearable. When your family and friends get involved, extra time is being consumed of other people as well. With home nursing services patients can schedule healthcare services at home without having to move a muscle.

With new exciting companies like Healers at Home, customers have now started to become more aware about the changing times and Healthcare is become more convenience than before.

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