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Baldness Or Hair Loss? We Got A Secret To Share!


Who doesn’t want beautiful, glossy and healthy hair? But the question is- Are we really getting close to that? Hair loss is a condition that is triggered in this moist season.
Losing hair certainly feels horrible and it indicates the health condition of the body and mind too. One may not be able to escape hair loss, but one can slow down the process. There are multiple factors contributing to hair loss such as –

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  1. Genetics
  2. Drugs and Smoking
  3. Lifestyle and Eating Habits
  4. Moisture and lack of cleanliness
  5. Dandruff`
  6. Hormones

One of the major contributors in this condition is stress. Stress is something that needs to be dealt with in order to get rid of excessive hair loss. Not many people know, but the primitive art of yoga has secrets to solve this. There are some simple yoga poses that you can start doing today to not only reduce stress but to stimulate pressure points that help fight stress and hair loss –

  1. Pavanmukhtasana (Wind-relieving Pose) – This pose helps in cleaning your intestine and stomach helping you getting rid of trapped toxic gases.
  2. Sarvanngasana (Shoulder-Stand) – This pose helps not only increases blood circulation but also nourishes the thyroid gland ensuring goof functioning of the digestive system.
  3. Uttanasana (Standing Forward Pose) – It works best to counter stress by reducing tiredness and fatigue.
  4. Vajaransana – Unlike other yoga poses, this pose is done right after eating food for it stimulates the digestive process and ensure right removal of toxins from the body leaving it healthy and stress free.

Simple breathing exercises can also help in controlling stress. Don’t let stress be a part of your life and learn to create a positive balance between work and your inner self. This is the key to avoid many health problems.

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