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Back hurts?? Here are 3 quick fixes!

We are sure you have been a victim of random back aches; where it is a good start to the day, you bend down to pick up a bag and bam! This is exactly where you realize how it was a mistake to miss those scheduled sessions of physiotherapy for back pain. Well, now that you have landed in uncalled trouble again; here are 3 quick remedies for back pain:                    1

1. Accept and move:

The thumb rule of getting rid of back pain is acknowledging you have one. For most people, back pain is temporary and gets better with time if pertinent care is taken. Anxiety is known to make a person’s outlook towards pain worse, and that is precisely what you have to avoid. Do not fall in the trap of thoughts thinking that back ache is going to land you in irreversible distresses. Under no circumstance Google your symptoms because a large pit of possibilities will simply stress you out more.                                                                          2

Once you have embraced the fact that you are facing an unbearable twinge in the back, prepare yourself mentally and physically to move. Moving your body might be painful at first, but you will get adapted to it. To free your spine from the stinging, we recommend physiotherapy exercises, yoga at home or a walk for about 15 minutes.

2. Heat and cold therapy:

One of the most striking home remedies to treat any type of body ache is heat and cold therapy. All you have to do is catch a cool pack, press it on your back for about 20 minutes and repeat the process with a heat pack. Using an alteration between heat and cold reduces inflammation and loosens the muscles thus promoting quick pain relief. Post the therapy, make sure you get sufficient rest and in the right position that supports your back.                                                                                                                                                                                 3

3. Call a physiotherapist:

No hack for back pain has been able to match countless benefits of physiotherapy. Calling a physiotherapist for back pain is an invaluable resource because you will not only evacuate the ache but will also be able to assess the origin of the back pain. A veteran treatment plan will aid in solving the problem faster and in an enhanced manner thus averting the chances of re-occurrence. Understanding that dealing with back pain is not a cakewalk, at Healers at Home we provide certified physiotherapists at your doorstep. No matter how severe the condition is, we assure to get you working in no time!                                     4

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