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Avoid Food and Practice Yoga during Eclipse!!

Why we should not eat anything during lunar eclipse?

On 31st of january we all will observe the first lunar eclipse of 2018!!

The cycles of the moon have an impact upon the human being , psychologically, physically and energy-wise. In an eclipse , there is a impactful level of energy that affects both ,the environment and internal self as well . If there is food in your stomach , in two hours  time your energies will age by approximately twenty-eight days.It is believed that one should not eat food cooked even nine hours before the eclipse.

The gases released during this period of time turns the food inside your stomach into poison ! From our end we can  protect the food by putting Tulsi in it. The healing benefits of Tulsi makes the food consumable.

What you can do during the eclipse??

During this time involve yourself into mind and body calming activities. An eclipse has a great inward pull on our consciousness , so that time is ideal for practicing spiritual activities . Doing Yoga will have soothing   effect on your soul. Meditation , chanting and mantra repetition will fill your body with positive energy .



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