Arthritis – Preventing Joint Pains and Inflammation through Physiotherapy

Arthritis is basically a single term given to over hundred types of joint disorder that affect millions of adults across the globe. In certain cases, Arthritis can even cause chronic pain leading to inability to conduct daily activities like climbing stairs or even simple walking. There are certain arthritis cases where areas like heart, lungs, skin, kidneys and eyes are also affected.


Symptoms of Arthritis

Arthritis is quite a complex disease to diagnose and thus so is its symptoms. These symptoms may vary across different people and in different ways. However we can bring about the most common ones that have been found among most Arthritis patients.

First reason would be inflammation and stiffness of joints which can range from light pain to truly severe cases where even simple activities are difficult to conduct.

In a lot of cases, swelling has also been seen as an important indicator. This could be due to the increase in the volume of synovial fluid or the lining of synovium.

symptoms of arthritis

Stiffness is another classic symptom of arthritis that especially is active in the morning or in the winter season.

Role of Physiotherapy for Arthritis

Physiotherapy exercises make sure that the body is engaged in physical movement that brings in agility and strength thereby decreasing pain. There are plenty of benefits of physiotherapy exercises for arthritis. Physiotherapy enhances range of motion and thus your flexibility via various gentle stretching exercises and movement of joints.

role of physiotherapy

There are various aerobics exercises that enhance endurance and builds stamina thus reducing fatigue which is a common symptom in arthritis patients. Some of these exercises include jogging, swimming, walking etc.

Aquatic exercises are also quite helpful for those who are new to physical exercises. In this case, the person is required to stand in shoulder height water for performing physiotherapy exercises which does not involve swimming.

role of physio2

Studies have also found that regular and sustainable physiotherapy exercises can prevent severe cases of arthritis and delay hip surgery or other similar cases.

What are the recommended physiotherapy exercises that can opt for?

There are various physical regimes that can be opted by arthritis patients or for those who want to prevent further damage. Some of these include biking, hiking, running, walking, martial arts, tai chi, yoga, aerobics, elliptical, treadmill, stair stepper, resistance bands, exercise ball, body weights exercises etc.

Physiotherapy at home

physio at home

Modern times have seen a lot of evolution, bringing a lot of requirements and needs closer to people and one of them is health services at home. A lot of us do not have the time to go to hospitals or anywhere outside the house for physiotherapy or aerobics due to the tight schedule of everyday work. However there are services provided at home by companies like Healers at Home, including Physiotherapy and Yoga with experienced trainers working rigorously to bring you to desired fitness level. Users can register themselves through the websites or through the mobile app and avail physiotherapy services at home with ease and comfort.

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