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Amit Shah’s 20-kg weight loss Secret

A leader should inspire the masses in comprehensive and righteous ways; just like Amit Shah who has let his well-executed responsibilities and weight loss do the talking. He abided by the simple ways of weight loss with utmost devotion and triumphed in the most extraordinary manner. Here is how the president of Bhartiya Janata Party has ethically managed to lose 20 kgs:                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

1. Dinner deadlines:

Dinner is supposed to be the last and the lightest meal of the day. He made sure that he didn’t have dinner post 7:30 PM and only had meals that were light for the stomach yet heavy enough to suffice his hunger.2

2. Wholesome breakfast:

Shah is a staunch believer of the fact that a human body in the morning is exactly like an empty pit. You can fill it with processed feasts or sheer salubriousness, but remember that the latter is the sole road to weight loss!                                                                                                           3

3. Ditched the demons:

Amit Shah considered sugar, processed food, and fried items as his enemies. Being overweight and a diabetes patient for years, it became highly essential for him to keep a tab on the scale inclining towards the right. As necessary it was for him to be conscious about his eating; it was equally important to note how much and the intervals at which he was eating. Mr. Shah made sure that his meals were consumed on time and on days he anticipated a delay, he made provisions to have food on the go.

Diet concept with zipper revealing fruits and vegetables on one side and junk food on the other

4. Walking:

Irrespective of the location, Mr. Shah never failed to stroll out for his morning walk. Though weight loss depends on food by 70%, 30% is still physical movement. He also infused yoga asanas as suggested by Baba Ramdev as a stepping stone to his weight loss journey. Amla and Giloy juice post his morning walk routine also fetched him impeccable results.                    5

If reputed personals like Amit Shah can squeeze time to meet their fitness goals, can’t you? Be it yoga for weight loss or any other mode of physical training, with determination as sturdy as a rock and undying urge to achieve your goals, nothing is impossible! To make your weight loss journey slightly easy, certified yoga tutors from Healers at Home are providing yoga services at your doorstep so that you can shred weight without the slightest snag.

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