9 Tips to Practice Yoga at Home

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With a hectic schedule and expensive gym memberships, people today prefer exercising or performing yoga at home. But the perks of yoga might not be received if the form is wrong. Therefore is it advisable to professionally learn yoga first and then practice on your own later. With Healers at Home, you have a very feasible option to learn yoga at home from the best industry experts at affordable rates right at your doorstep! Once you grasp the techniques and asanas and are comfortable performing them on your own, to assist virtually, Healers at Home have finely curated 9 yoga tips for beginners or people who want to opt for yoga at home:

  • Time is one of the most crucial aspects of yoga. Yoga is recommended in the morning as your energy levels are high. But if you are not able to manage in the morning, do not make an excuse; any time during the day can be opted to perform yoga.
  • Everyone has a favourite place or room in the house. Choose to perform yoga at that spot. Also over time, the yoga practice will evoke positive vibes in the place making you feel more enchanted and calm. Make sure the place is well ventilated and clean.
  • Do not perform yoga asanas right after a meal. A break of 2-3 hours after a meal is the best time to execute as yoga postures turn out to be best when performed empty or light stomach.

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  • There is a reason people change clothes as soon as they get home, to feel comfortable! Similarly, go for loose and breathable clothes that boost easy stretching while doing the asanas.
  • Do not start directly with intense yoga asanas, you might strain your muscles. Start with warming up your body by doing basic stretches.
  • Recognize how much your body can take. Never force your body to perform asanas that are beyond what your body can take especially when you perform yoga at home without any guidance.
  • Consistency in yoga is the key to a relaxed mind, body and soul. Performing yoga at home for a day and skipping another day will reap no benefits whatsoever. Twenty minutes of daily yoga practice will prove more effective than 2 hours of occasional practice.
  • Why perform yoga at home by yourself when in reality you can indulge in and boost the health of your entire family. Try to promote and enrich your family time with yoga sessions uplift way of living.
  • Your body will be used to the same set of techniques when performed daily. Variation is a must. Treat your body with diverse asanas and breathing exercises. Ensure to end the session with Yoga Nidra.


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