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9 Must Do’s If You Have High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure aka hypertension is a commonly prevailing lifestyle ailment. With over 970 million people suffering with hypertension, it is said to cause 7.5 million deaths every year. High blood pressure can lead to hazardous diseases like stroke, heart attack or kidney failure. So, dodge worse possibilities by taking the necessary precautions at the right time.

9 must do’s if you have high blood pressure:

Lose extra pounds:

One of the most important measures to control blood pressure is keeping the weighing scale inclined towards the left. Abdominal obesity is the determinant for blood pressure. Try to maintain a BMI under 25 to stay healthy and alleviate the chances of cardiovascular disease.

Lose extra pounds

Monitor blood pressure:

Check and maintain regular blood pressure records. These records can assist in diseases prognosis and alterations in treatment can be made as per analysis.

Monitor blood pressure

Move your body:

Exercise for 30 minutes a day for about 5 times a week to fit into your past pants and moreover this can assist you in controlling blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.

Move your body

Keep related conditions at bay:

If unfortunately, you suffer with a bunch of ailments other than blood pressure, it is essential for you to keep all the diseases under control. Fluctuations in these diseases are directly linked to worsening of blood pressure. Worsening of diabetes, raise in cholesterol level or occurrence of any kidney disease can negatively affect blood pressure.

Diet regime:

Body if defined by the food a person eats. Include food items which are low in fat and calories including fresh fruits and vegetables. Limit your salt intake to 5 grams a day and skip processed or preserved foods to cut down on salt, sugar and fat.

Beat your stress:

Stress is directly or indirectly related to any sickness. Inspect and find your reason for stress and eventually health worsening. Practice yoga, meditation or keep yourself busy to de-stress yourself. Remember to always talk it out!

Limit Alcohol:

Alcohol takes a toll on your liver and shoots your blood pressure. Maximum 1 drink if you are above 65 and 2 if you are young are the permissible limits.

Supplementary measures:

Medication and exercise can be paired with other trails like using home therapies or natural treatments to cope with high blood pressure. These should be availed only after consulting your physician.

No to smoking:

Smoking not only shoots your pressure but keeps it elevated several minutes even after smoking. It also shoots your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Giving up smoking is probably the best life decision you will ever make.

No to smoking

These are some basic lifestyle changes that you can take to lead a healthy life even after struggling with pressure problems.

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