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8 Anti-Aging Health Benefits of Yoga

Ageing along with smile lines, wrinkles and gray hair brings vicissitudes that are harder to see but easier to feel. Physiological alterations like rigidity in the muscles, tremors, issues with stability, health complaints, and lowered strength levels are few of the many downsides to aging. Be it outer or inner endurance; nobody embraces aging as and when it comes. When granted a super-wish, we are sure every individual would choose to look and feel twenty-one forever! What if we say your dream can turn into reality by simply performing yoga at home?                                                                                                                                      1

  • With growing age, bone density goes for a toss thus making individuals susceptible to osteopenia and osteoporosis. Yoga could be your savior in such cases.                                            10
  • Weight-bearing poses like Warrior-I, single angle pose etc. can marginally amplify the density thus promoting better balance. Another joint condition called arthritis is known to react assertively in augmenting joint flexibility and reduced inflammation.                                    Yoga for Health (1)
  • Back pain is a dilemma for individuals from every age group but performing simple yoga asanas at home can weave wonders. Practicing yoga by alternating focus between back and core allows the body to move in different ways thus compelling the muscles to adapt and level up on strength.2
  • Muscle stiffness is directly proportional to age; higher the age-greater is the stiffness. The lost litheness in the muscles and connective tissue can be reversed with yoga. On the days you are too bored to resort to a full-fledged yoga regime, stretching can do the needful.         Yoga for General Fitness
  • Menopause is the undesired hormonal change that women experience that leads to involuntary mood swings, emotional turmoil, temperature fluctuations and hot flashes. A restorative yoga session can sync the mind and body thus keeping women cool both inside out.3
  • High blood pressure or hypertension is not an uncommon tragedy anymore. Sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and pervasive exposure to stress are foreseeable culprits for the malady. The diverse breathing techniques used in yoga effortlessly pacify the pressure levels, thus assuring a graceful and risk-free old age.                                                              Yoga for Blood Pressure
  • Sleep related complication accounting but not limited to restlessness and jittery feeling are unexceptional in the growing age. But, when intentional and slow breathing comes in to the picture, they promote tranquility and better quality of sleep.                                                         4
  • Do not even trigger us to get started on the amount of money individuals spend on cosmetic products to look younger. Asanas used in yoga for beautiful face can aid you to NOT burn a hole in your pocket by imparting natural radiance and suppleness. Regular practice also lures a chiseled jawline, boosts collagen readings and gradually fades wrinkles.                                                                                                                                                                         5

Being competent enough to relieve symptoms and enhance the overall medical condition, yoga at home proves to be a commendable anti-aging tool for both physical and physiological ailments. Do not wait for the old age to hit you but be ready to dodge the glitches in the most efficient way by simply buzzing us at Healers at Home. Our certified yoga tutors curate bespoke plans to prep you up in the most elite ways!

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