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7 tips to consider while doing yoga in pregnancy

No matter how complex we portray it to be, taking decisions in life is simple. Somewhere in the bottom of our heart, we know what we want. Similarly, when it comes to yoga or any physical exercise, people who really want to do it will find time even they are as busy as a bee. Also in the vital stage of motherhood, once must opt for yoga in pregnancy because of what is on offer. It is a well-believed myth that the expecting mother should be kept resting as much as possible. Well, in reality, the physical movement involved in yoga during pregnancy can be highly beneficial for the baby and the mother as stated otherwise. A few of the countless perks pregnancy yoga includes is smoother birth experience, prepping up for motherhood and matchless mother-child bond.

Before you jump in for yoga in pregnancy, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Know when to halt:

Sometimes certain asanas might suit a budding mother in the initial months but might create discomfort in the later stages when the baby has taken room. If you feel even the slightest of discomfort, pain or lightheadedness during yoga in pregnancy, stop immediately.

  • Discern what to do:

A mother’s physical and mental condition is not the same throughout the three trimesters of pregnancy. Yoga aims to strike this balance right by adapting to a bespoke program that differs trimester to trimester. For example, any asanas that involve deep forwards or twists or backbends or ones that put a heavy strain on the abdomen should be averted in all the trimesters. Also, in the first trimester, you should shun asanas that compel you to lie on your back as the reduced blood flow can cause short breath, dizziness, and nausea.

  • Don’t say yes to everything:

Whilst you were not pregnant, you have an option to try the diversity of yoga to hedge it from being monotonous. But pregnancy yoga is something you cannot experiment with. Steer clear of hot yoga as it can negatively hamper the fetus’s health.

  • Limited stretching:

Any asanas or posture that stretches the abdomen muscles more than its regular capacity should be dodged. As post-pregnancy yoga session also comprises of stretching, ensure that it is minimal.

  • Focus on breathing exercises:

The entire pregnancy stage is a bumpy emotional ride especially after from the second trimester. During this phase, you can regain your energy by relaxing your mind and body by breathing exercises like Ujjayi Pranayama, Nadi Shodhan Bhramri breathes, etc.

  • Complementary care:

Taking pertinent care in pregnancy yoga and compromising on paying heed to the most basic routine can reap no benefits from yoga. Ensure that you eat healthily and sleep on time no matter what. Consume a lot of milk and curd to keep your calcium levels up. Remember to start your day with something salubrious and try to do things that keep you happy!

  • Professional succor:

Individual poses are developed for the delicate stage, and only a connoisseur yoga tutor can put them across to you rightly. If you choose to endeavor pregnancy yoga make sure you learn from the best! At Healers at Home, we have certified yoga tutors with over four years of relevant exposure who head in at your residence to teach you, thus ensuring comfort and adroitness at its peak!



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