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7 Tips For a Teenager to Avoid Feeling Depressed

Teen age begins when a person is thirteen and ends when nineteen. Teenage is a very bumpy stage. It is filled with the novel feeling of growing up paired with fresh blend of hormones that rush in the body leading to mixed gestures and emotions. Teenage is a stage where a person is neither an adult nor a kid, therefore to fit in with the other two generations and adapt to their nature gets strenuous and sometimes can cause depression. As a parent or as a teenager, you feel that the teen is constantly sad/angry/irritated with disruption in sleep/eating habits added with physical ailments like migraine and the teen is probably suffering with depression.

7 tips for a teenager to avoid depression:

Depression is not a pleasant sentiment. A teen or a parent can be well prepared to muddle through depression or even completely dodge it with the following tips:

Sound sleep:

Late night chatting and being on social media can actually lead to irritation and anger in teens. It is advisable for the teen to maintain a regular cycle for sleeping. Sleeping also calms the mind after gloomy turn of events.

sound sleep

Move your body:

If a teen is feeling low, one of the quickest ways to get rid of the feeling is to opt for any physical exercise. Outdoor gaming, hitting the gym, yoga or even a small jog can brighten the mood.


It is not you, it is the blood sugar:

Sometimes a strike in blood sugar rate can involuntarily leave the teen feeling depressed. Constant hogging of sweet items can be a tentative cause of feeling desolated.

Shun the obvious no-no:

Smoking, drinking or recreational drugs is to be avoided by people of any age. “What will happen if I try just once?” is generally when the habit picks up. Also remember these habits might look tempting but temporary pleasure can cause long-lasting depression followed with innumerable ailments.

Do what you like:

Whether career choices or life decisions, as a parent you should not impose decisions on your teens and as teens you should try and understand your parent’s perspective rather than taking it as a compulsion. Developing passion in life can free teens from a huge depression trap.

Good food:

Eat healthy will reflect positively on the teen’s body and can be an assisting factor to avert depression.

Mix and mingle:

Keeping teens inside the house for an eternity will do more bad than good. As parents let the teens socialize among st a good company of friends. As teens, never isolate yourself. Some quality time with good friends can actually make you feel light and happy.

Depression is easily found and is equally ignored in the teens. Early detection can aid the teen to cope and eliminate depression. Remember that it is just a phase and it will pass!

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