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7 Signs of a Great Babysitter!

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Comfort with certain challenges.  If you’re hiring a sitter who you know will have to do specific and difficult things, make sure she has experience with them. A babysitter with experience is very important, as she/he will be well aware of possible conditions that can arrive and how to deal out of it. Ask those questions and analyze.

1. G-rated hobbies: Yes, you should ask what she does in her free time and look for someone who loves to do what your kids love to do. A babysitter spends an ample amount of time with your child which directly affect them to make sure she is productive and have a positive impact on your child.

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2. On the spot creativity: Ask her for a rainy day itinerary (as in what she would do the whole day). What new she can do for the better upbringing.

3. Good answers to tough questions: What would she do she locked herself out without a cell phone? What would she do if the baby fell and won’t stop crying? If she can’t give examples of emergencies she’s responded to before – pose new ones and see if you like the answers.

4. Background Check: Make sure you understand the type of work she did for them and the ages of children she’s worked with. Infants and ‘tweens require very different skills. And remember that any past employer, teacher, coach and even a neighbor can be a character reference. These are the types of people who can paint a full picture of your candidate’s responsibility, timeliness, kindness, and hard work. Call them or meet them in person.

5. Asks the important stuff: Does your child have any allergies? Who should I contact in an emergency? How would you like me to handle discipline? These are the types of questions that show she’s on top of things.

6. She maintains hygiene: Look at her and check her nails, hands, her clothes and analyze if she maintains hygiene or not. She should use sanitizer to avoid any germ contamination.She should be neat and clean plus hygienic as children are sensitive.

7. Observe and Analyze: It may take a while before your child grows to trust and love the babysitter. And even the best caregivers can’t replace you or your partner. Still, after several sessions together, you should notice your child warming up to the sitter!

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