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7 Reasons Why Women Gain Weight After Marriage!

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Today weight gain is the biggest problem among women and this problem is mostly found in Indian women after marriage. According to a study, above 80% of couples accumulate more weight after 5 years of their marriage and out of them most of the women have more weight.

Initially, people may not get worried about it, but if the weight gain is more and you fail to reduce, it becomes a big problem. As your weight increases, you may not be able to wear your favorite dresses anymore and you feel uncomfortable to move freely in the public or in any family functions. Moreover, overweight becomes the cause of many diseases like heart attacks, blood pressure, strokes, back pain, leg pain and many more. There are so many reasons behind the weight gain of women after marriage.

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Hormone change is the main cause of weight gain. After marriage, the lifestyle of women completely changes and this gives rise to the hormonal changes among women. Sex is another cause of hormone change. Therefore weight gain occurs among women.


Before marriage, most of the women remain very cautious in taking food to avoid weight gain and keep up with a good physique. But, suddenly after marriage the complete lifestyle of girls changes. In India, a woman has to adopt the food habit and time schedule of her husband’s house. If these foods are oily and rich in fat and sugar, then you can easily gain weight rapidly. Most of the time the new daughter-in-law is pampered by her new family members and they force to eat different things. So she gains weight.

  1. AGE

Today, most of the people prefer to marry at the age of 28-30 years. Some studies have shown that the metabolic rate of human body decreases after the age of 30 and it causes weight gain of our body.


After going to a new place and living with new family members, women always try to satisfy her husband and other family members by preparing different food items and giving priority to other family members. In this condition, she cannot get enough time to take care of her own. Therefore women accumulate more weight.


When women get pregnant, they have to eat lots of healthy and nutritious foods and they also take so many medicines including vitamins and irons. Thus women would put on a lot of weight in 9 months. After delivery, she also has to make healthy foods as she feeds the baby and by taking the care of a newborn baby she may not get enough time to take care of her own. So the weight gain continues to stay with her.


After marriage, the total lifestyle of a girl changes. The duration of sleep and its pattern changes after marriage. Many women do not get enough time to sleep properly after giving birth to a baby. So lack of sleeping is another reason for weight gain.


Marriage changes the routine of many girls and many girls fail to adjust to a new place and family. Most of the time, some girls face difficulties in adjusting with her in-laws. This situation creates stress and as a result, they gain weight.

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