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7 Must Knows To Take Care of Your New Born Baby

Surviving 9 months of pregnancy is easier than the post-pregnancy stage, which is something you will realize once the baby is born. If it is your first baby, there are high chances that you have no clue how to take care of that cute little ball of softness. Until you have a super mother to guide you with her experience, you will be all naïve and oblivious. Well, Healers at Home are here to take comprehensive care of you and your baby. With our post-partum services, the following tips will surely be constructive for amateur mothers:


Breastfeeding is expedient for both the mother and the baby. It boosts immunity and promotes overall good health of the baby. For the mother, breastfeeding reduces the chances of breast cancer. New mothers make sure to feed the baby as soon as she is born and cleansed.


Picking up and holding your baby:

Every mother has a novel position to hold her baby. No matter what your style is, make sure to support baby’s tender neck and head with one hand and bottom with another.

holding your baby

Post feeding:

Adults after a delicious feast, burp their hearts out. These little angels after breastfeeding need to be burped because when they feed, they swallow air and not burping them enough can make them fussy or can make them throw up. You can burp your baby by holding them with one arm and gently patting their back with another.

Post feeding

Putting your baby to sleep:

One of the most tedious tasks is to put a baby to bed. Try to put your baby to sleep during the night and play with them during the day. This will ensure suffice rest for you. If baby naps for long during the day, wake her up and play!

baby to sleep

Calm the crying:

Babies are bound to cry. Reasons can range from hunger to irritating nappies. If your baby constantly keeps crying, look out for certain foods that she might be allergic to, also check if you burp them frequently. Try some soft music or walk holding the baby as motion has a soothing effect on babies.

calm the crying


Babies are 10 times more prone to allergies and infections as compared to adults. Until infants start crawling everyday bath is not mandatory, though they should be sponged once in a day. Change their nappies frequently to avoid infectivity. Use cotton clothes to dodge against rashes.


Getting help:

Handling an infant requires immense patience and dedication. It is recommendable for you to take some assistance in managing the toddler so that your body has enough time to recover from pregnancy. We at Healers at Home provide the best-in-class pre-natal and post-partum home services for mothers who would love to heal at home!

getting help

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