7 Most Common causes of Knee Pain

Physiotherapy for knee pain is a complex procedure comprising of infinite techniques and therapies. Before you or your physiotherapist decides the remedy to adopt to, it is necessary to decode the cause behind the throbbing knee pain. Below listed are a few of the common causes of knee pain:

  • Arthritis of the knee

When there is reduced functionality, movement, and rigidness in the knee, it is a signpost to arthritis. Depending upon the type, i.e., osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis you can suffer from only throbbing or it is paired with swelling and stiffness. The condition is arthritis can be easily slackened by performing exercises involved in physiotherapy for knee pain.

  • Tendonitis

Popularly known as the jumper’s knee, tendonitis is an ailment where the tendon of the knee is highly inflamed. A tendon is a thick string that connects bones to the muscles. Being a vital part of the knee, when the tendon is swollen, it causes displeasure in movement and thus the pain. Tendonitis is commonly a result of excessive jumping or strain involving sports.

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  • Bone chips

If you have previously suffered from a knee injury, fragments that chip off from the bone or cartilage get stuck in your knee joint. Due to this, there is discomfort and ache experienced in the knee joints.

  • Bleeding in knee joint

When a severe injury occurs to your knee joint, the blood vessels are smashed. As the blood doesn’t reach to the vital parts efficiently, it causes the knee to expand or become taut. This condition is also known as Hemarthrosis.

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                                       Bleeding in Knee Joint
  • Gout

Uric acid that is produced in excess while a person is suffering from gout generally tends to hoard in the knees and lay the foundation of agonizing pain. Sometimes, gout also compels crystals of calcium pyrophosphate to accumulate in the knees and lead to unbearable twinge.

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  • Dislocated kneecap

Kneecap Subluxation is a physical disorder where the displacement of the kneecap is the trigger point of the discomfort. IF you experience a sting behind the kneecap especially while straightening or bending your leg, there are high chances that you have a misaligned body part.

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                       Dislocated Knee Cap
  • Plica syndrome

As the knee is high susceptive to injuries, the human body is designed in a way that the knee has a protective layer called synovial capsule. When the synovial capsule is bruised, even if the knee is safe, it can still instigate the anguish. A visible swelling is observed in such cases.

For the times when you experience excruciating pain in your knees every time you get up or take a stroll, it is an indicator that the damage has been done. The only way to reverse or uplift the mutilation is by opting for physiotherapy for knee pain from experts at Healers at Home.



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