7 Common Exercises to Follow After Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is an impeccable physical therapy to cope with pain, stiffness and to restore a person’s health and movement after injury. Physiotherapy uses innumerable techniques for the betterment of mobility and movement. Methods such as massages, hot and cold technique, remedial exercises and electric current tactics are used to effectively reinstate a person’s agility. To improve strength and kine sis in the long run general exercises need to be practiced after physiotherapy.

7 exercises to follow after physiotherapy:

While we at Healers at Home are the most proficient and affordable physiotherapy center in Delhi catering the best of physiotherapists right at the comfort of your home; we have enlisted top 7 exercises to follow after physiotherapy to maximize the effect:

Hand and arm exercise:

Move the hand, arm and wrists I full range of motion at least thrice a day. Lightly stretch the tight muscles and hold for about 30 seconds and increase the holding time weekly by 10 seconds.

Hand and arm exercise

Hip movement:

Dislocated, fractured or an operated hip requires functional training after physiotherapy. Perform light hip motion chores like climbing steps, lifting things, bending down to touch your feet and similar hip focused exercises.

Hip movement

Ankle exercise:

Ankles are the most stressed yet overlooked body part. Ankle and feet pain can be easily relived after adopting ankle exercises after a physiotherapy session. Moving your ankles in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction for about 10 times.

Ankle exercise

Knee exercise:

Knee physiotherapy exercises are the most strenuous ones. Sit on a chair with a ball underneath your feet. Roll it forth and back on the floor. Repeat about 10 times.

Knee exercise

Neck exercise:

Neck exercises aim to relieve the additional stress that you put on your neck especially during long work hours or when you happen to jerk your neck suddenly. Sitting straight on a chair move your head to one side of the shoulder till you feel your neck stretched. Hold for about 10 seconds and then repeat on the other side.


Back exercise:

Back exercises are allaying even when physiotherapy is not performed. Keeping your legs straight, lie on your back and fold your left knee close to the chest. Hold the position, return to normal straight position and repeat it with the right leg.

Back exercise

You can alternatively perform another exercise wherein you have to stand straight opening your hands parallel to the ground and then touching your right leg with your right hand. Regain original position and repeat with other hand.

Foot exercise:

Fun foot exercises include writing numbers 1-10 with each foot, curling toes while sitting on a chair, walk tip toe for 5-10 seconds.

Foot exercise

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