6 Yoga Asanas for beginners for their Good Health

When someone says Yoga all we can imagine is a man with an orange dhoti molding into weird position isn’t it? Other than being pictorially funny, yoga does have unrivaled perks on the body. Once you decide to do yoga at home, you cannot expect to be the most flexible individual on earth and execute the most tedious asanas effortlessly. Below is a skillfully curated list for yoga for beginners assisting you with the necessary motivation, dedication and litheness that the future stage will demand:

  • Om chanting:

Choose a spot to sit in padmasana and begin with chanting the om mantra while you touch your index and thumb finger together. Commencing your practice with this will help you to gather the necessary concentration. It also helps in plummeting anxiety, blood pressure and migraine.

  • Vajrasana:

Sit on the floor in the kneeling position. Spread your heels out while you bring your toes together. Straighten your head, neck and back followed with closing of the eyes. This asana is ideally suited after meals as it is the king killer of gastric inconvenience.

  • Dhanurasana:

Lie relaxed and flat on your stomach with your feet touched to each other and hands at the side of the body. Now curl your legs towards your buttocks and try to clasp your ankles with your hands. Try to stretch as much as possible while you perform this asana. Repeat 10 times a day and witness this pose evacuate your back pain, spinal problems and menstruation ache away in no time!

  • Nadi Shodhana Pranayama:

Be seated upright in a way Buddha might have sat to achieve Nirvana. Then close your right nostril with your right thumb and breathe in and out using your left nostril. Now close your left nostril and breathe in and out with the right nostril. Repeat for about 20 times and say goodbye to anxiety, blood pressure and depression.

  • Shavasana:

Well this is probably one of our favorite asanas. All you have to do is lie down straight on your back and exhale the stress out while you breathe the positive vibes in. Need a reason to sleep and do yoga at the same time? Shavasana is the key!

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana:

Stretch out flat on the mat and place your hands in a way that you can support your body when it is raised in the air. Now tuck your toes tight on the mat and raise your body with your hips in a way that you are able to look at your thighs inwardly.

We are sure you do not love the hassle of getting up early in the morning and running for yoga classes. Why not opt for a yoga instructor at home and reap the pros of yoga at the comfort of your doorstep?

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