6 Tips to Stay Fit in Winters

Winters make beds your hardest goodbye. During winters one barely manages to get up and go to office. So to add exercise to this cozy weather gets difficult isn’t it?! As uneasy as it sounds, it is equally mandatory to stay fit and active during winters especially if your body tends to get stiff in a jiffy. Below are a few handy tips to help you cope through your laziness this winter:

Wave goodbye to lethargy with warm-ups:

Did you know you need only perform 5 minutes of any activity to get you all pumped up and motivated to finish the task? Similarly, start warming up at home if you go to a gym so that you are all inspired to finish your fitness regime.

Make a new buddy:

Working with people having similar goals, keeps you enthused and focused on your goal. If you have a workout buddy, either of you can encourage each other when sluggish times kick in. You can also indulge in fancy activities like playing cricket, squash or football to have fun and shed some calories at the same time. If you have a dog, he will satiate the need of that “buddy”.

Sign up for fitness groups and apps:

There are some fitness apps and social media groups that can help you keep going during indolent winter days. Fitness apps can help you track the number of calories when you eat and calories burnt while working out. It keeps reminding you that you have not completed a specific goal for the day. Similarly, in the fitness groups, you will see abs-in-process for some people and feel keen to work towards your aspiration.

Experiment with fitness:

Gym is not the only place where you can stay fit. You can try out with innumerable arrays of staying fit like yoga, kickboxing, swimming, thai-chi etc. If you are too bored to do anything, join zumba and dance your heart out!

Please your whims:

Buy a new work out outfit or a lavish fitness gear. Investing in new fitness gears and accessories will intimidate you to try them on.

Try indoor workouts:

If you find your house too snug to leave, why not try indoor exercise sessions? You can learn from vivid workout videos available on the internet. But wrong postures can do more harm than good. With Healers at Home, you get the benefit of staying fit at the comfort of your home under the guidance of expert yoga teachers delightfully waiting to teach you at your convenience!

yoga teachers

So sip a hot cup of coffee and be relaxed because professionals at Healers at Home will let you be lazy and fit at the same time!

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