6 Simple Steps to Lose Weight Fast and Safely

When your weighing scale inclines to the right it is a wakeup call to thwart any possible disorders. Being over and above your ideal weight is an invitation for heart related ailments, blood pressure and even diabetes. Not every overweight individual is unhealthy. Sometimes people with a lower or hampered metabolism tend to have higher weight. With a few, minimal and easy lifestyle changes and determination to follow weight loss programs, you can fit in your dream pants!

Here are 6 simple steps to lose weight:

Say no to sugar and sweetened drinks:

Popularly known but least followed is non-consumption of sweetened drinks like cold drinks. Sugar being half fructose and glucose is difficult to digest. When you consume perpetual fructose that can digested only by liver, the organ feels overloaded and turn all of it into fats.

Inculcate protein in diet for weight loss:

Weight loss programs are incomplete without consumption of protein rich foods. Protein is proven to reduce cravings by 60% and is said to refrain from gaining weight in the long run. Stack your diet for weight loss with eggs, seafood, nuts, dairy products and some whole grains.

Restrict carbs:

One of the best ways to lose weight is to ban carbs. Low carb diets for weight loss are always effective as it assists in losing water weight. Consider dropping your card to 50 grams per day to make an ideal diet for weight loss.

Fill with fiber:

It is said that inculcation of fiber foods is the best way to lose weight but not all fiber do the needful. Soluble and viscous fiber has marvelous effect on your weight. An idyllic weight loss program is with less carb and high fiber items like vegetables, fruits, legumes and oats.


Weight loss program is 80% diet and 20% exercise. This doesn’t mean that exercise should be neglected for diet for weight loss. Exercise, especially yoga is proven to have magical perks on the body in case of weight loss. It also keeps you mentally determined and focused on your goals and you are less likely to give up. If your schedules are tight and you are not a gym person, Healers at Home completely understand this desire of working out in the comfort and serenity of your home. With Healers at Home, opt for the best way to lose weight guided with proficient yoga teachers!

Track your weight loss program:

Setting a target is crucial but evaluating your performance with the target for any deviation is equally mandatory. Maintain a record of what you eat every day, if it is in the required limits, how many calories you have burnt and how much weight you have lost over what period. With Healers at Home you can stay at ease because our yoga experts will handle your weight loss program from nutrition planning to maintain a record to boosting your fortitude!

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