6 Right ways to use your gadgets and avoid “Text Neck”

Pervasive slouching while using smartphones and other gears has made text neck an addition to the never ending list of existing lifestyle disorders. The only way to correct a text neck is by incorporating physiotherapy exercises for neck pain. If a text neck is recuperated with physiotherapy exercises, it does not mean that it cannot creep back into your life. Using mobiles and other devices cannot be ceased completely but resorting to the right way of operating can avert the maladies a text neck can bring.

Do not bend it like Beckham:

Did you know looking down on your mobile screen at 60 degrees is equivalent to putting around 60 pounds of extra weight on your vertebral column? With that amount of weight one can expect nothing else but an aching neck, back and damaged posture forever. One of the obvious yet never obliged rules to avoid a text neck is to not keep your neck bended for long durations. If you want to look at your phone or anything that cannot be held upright, lower your eyes to view it but not your neck.texting-neck-credit-thetimes-dot-co-dot-uk

Level it up:

When you talk to a person, you make it a point to look into their eyes to converse. Today, when electronic devices and equipment have successfully managed to replace human conversations, the least we can do is keep them at the eyesight level. If your hands get sore keeping them horizontal to your vision, you can rest your elbow for added comfort. For leveling up on laptops; the basic rule is to not keep them on your lap but choosing a table that is positioned at the same height as your range of vision.ccfdc6a201fa912ecb6cb0bfec44f254Take regular intervals:

On an average, an individual spends nearly 2 hours hunched over their devices. With every passing minute and growing interest,the neck and head unwilling curve down a little more. To break free from this involuntary activity, one of the easiest ways is to take adequate time-out amidst web series binge watch or hours of typing.

Sleep over slouch:

Unfortunately, some of the most comfortable positions are the ones that cause the most damage to the body. If you feel that leaning on your elbows or cocooning into a C position to stare at your mobiles and tablets are doing no harm, you are wrong because it is terribly affecting your lower back and neck. You can ditch this habit for sleeping on the bed on either of your sides for an enhanced view and a safeguarded spine!A snugly blanket and some snacks are perfect complements!ccfdc6a201fa912ecb6cb0bfec44f254 (2)Choose desktop over others:

Physiotherapy exercises for neck pain like simply moving your head from left to right several times in a day can inhibit or at least delay the contraction of a text neck.As physiotherapy exercises brace the neck and the back, they are immune enough to handle the pressureccfdc6a201fa912ecb6cb0bfec44f254 (1)

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