6 Overlooked Remedies for Lower Back Pain Relief


lower back pain

If you screech the moment a little pressure is applied on your lower back, there are high chances that your lower back has gone for a toss. Chronic lower back pain can make performance of daily chores strenuous. There is no single or definite treatment for lower back pain. It is a continuous process of trial and error where after trying countless measures, you might find what works best for you. While endeavoring certain cures, you might fail to attempt the obvious. Following is a curated list of lower back pain treatment to get sure shot respite:

Take shots to release endorphins:

Endorphins are hormones that are released naturally in the body. But with activities like aerobic exercise, massage or meditation these feel-good hormones are instantly released in the body. Endorphins are just like medication, the block pain signals from registering in the brain. Endorphins are said to curb anxiety and stress that are indirectly associated with making the lower back pain worse.

Get the restorative sleep:

It is a proven fact that about 2/3rd of the people with back disorders suffer with some type of sleep ailment. Inadequate sleep can make you back pain worse and back ache will not allow you to sleep. Before it turns into a vicious circle, break the cycle, address your sleep problems and take a long, peaceful good night’s sleep! Passable sleep is the easiest treatment for lower back pain.

Concentrate on your core:

Exercise if you don’t and focus on the muscles in your abs and back as they don’t get much movement throughout the day but play a crucial role in treatment of lower back pain. Also, hardcore training can make you tired and assist you in getting some sleep.

Try hot and cold therapy:

Do not underestimate the power of applying cold and/or hot pack to decline the lower back pain and break free from the throbbing. Application of cold pack aids in reducing inflammation while the heat therapy inhibits the pain signals being sent to the brain. Thus a fusion of both can be an effective treatment for lower back pain.

Stretch hamstrings:

One of the most effortless things you can do for lower back pain treatment is stretching your hamstrings. Tight hamstrings stress lower back pain and sacroiliac joints causing more pain. Stretch twice daily for effective lower back pain treatment.

Engross your brain:

Many physical treatments for lower back pain are adopted, completely eradicating the mental approach to it. The way your brain interprets and reacts to a pain signal will determine how you will perceive and experience the pain. Engage your brain in activities and keep it busy to avert it from responding to any signals.

If back pain is not alleviated irrespective of the measure taken, physiotherapy for lower back pain will be the ultimate choice. Healers at Home understand your need and cater with the best-in-class physiotherapists that are proficient to treat even the most immense back pains with utter adeptness. Choose and avail us right at your doorstep for the best lower back pain treatment.

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