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6 Home Remedies for Knee Pain

No activity can be performed without basic movement of hands or legs. As compared to any other body part, knees and back take the most pressure. Knee pain is one of the most common dilemmas that restrict a person’s physical motion. Knee pain can be acute or chronic and the exact point of pain differs from person to person. Some experience knee joint pain while some are subject to kneecap or ligament and cartilage ache. If you notice stiffness, inflammation or pain near the knee area, it is time to take some serious action as prolonged knee pain can be something as serious and confining as arthritis.

6 Home remedies for knee pain:

Do not let your knee hamper your mobility especially when knee paint treatment is feasible at home. Knee joint pain can be dealt and dodged with simple home remedies like:

Cold therapy

Cold therapy:

Wrap a few cubes of ice in a towel and gently press it on the painful area for about 15-20 minutes. Ice will reduce the swelling if any and will provide relief.

Apple cider vinegar:

From assistance in getting lustrous hair to combating unbearable knee pain, apple cider vinegar is the knight in shining armor for every condition. Mix two teaspoon of vinegar with two cups of water and sip this mixture at regular intervals throughout the day. If you find the taste excruciating, you can add two cups of vinegar to a tub of hot water and soak the knees in it. Follow either of the two methods until the pain has completely vanished.

Apple cider vinegar

Cayenne Pepper:

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin that works as an excellent pain killer. Mix two table spoons of cayenne pepper with one cup of warm olive oil and massage it every day on the affected area.

Cayenne Pepper


Knee pain is an indication of serious ailments. When knee pain is due to arthritis, injury or muscle strain, ginger comes to the rescue. With anti-inflammatory properties, consumption of raw ginger, ginger tea or honey ginger can effortlessly assuage the swelling or aching.



Turmeric is a classic all-rounder medicinal herb. Cur cumin, found in turmeric has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that work as an incredible home knee pain treatment. Double the home remedy impact on knee pain by boiling a combination of turmeric and ginger in water. Later add honey to it after straining.



Citric acid essentially found in lemon works as a solvent for uric acid crystals, which is a culprit for some types of arthritis. Place half cut lemon in a cloth and dip it in sesame oil and place the cloth on the throbbing area for 10 minutes. Repeat every day until you feel relieved.


Knee or any joint pain can be rightly tackled with physiotherapy. At Healers at Home, we have several high skilled physiotherapists with over 4+ years of experience in this challenging domain. Sometimes physiotherapy is all you require to get rid of a nasty knee pain. Why suffer when you can heal at home?

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